Just in time for Christmas, The North Face and Gucci have your last minute outdoor clothing prayers answered… kind of.


What do you get the outdoorsy-ish person that has all the gear — and dare we say no idea? Gucci might have the answer. 

That is, if by outdoor gear, you mean a cotton tee, and your bank account is happy to take the $1,030 short-sleeved-size hit!

Indeed, it was the crossover we weren’t sure we needed (honestly, we still don’t know) when it first arrived on runways and supposedly also hiking trails around this time last year.

But now, our favourite outdoor brand Gucci — just kidding — is back at it again with a fresh take on outdoor inspired apparel thanks to their renewed collab with legitimate outdoor brand The North Face.

Part one was called expedition remastered and involved, ‘The visionary mindset of the 1970s, remastered stitch by stitch’ with Gucci prints.

Now for part two, and what is being called expedition remixed, you’ll see, ‘the vibrancy of the 1990s reimagined to heighten the look, feel and soul of icons’.

Now, we haven’t got a fashion writer on staff here at WAE so yours truly has been tasked with mashing a few keys to describe the carefully curated ‘mix of bold logo prints, geometric patterns and forest-themed motifs’. (How good are quotes!)


The North Face And Gucci Are Back At It Again With The ‘Outdoor’ Collab

Notwithstanding my lack of fashion sense, what I can tell you, is there is a total offering of 130 products, ranging from $1270 slides, to $600 beanies, and down jackets nudging $3.5k


The North Face And Gucci Are Back At It Again With The ‘Outdoor’ Collab


The new collection will be available via select stores and a limited offering can also be found on the Gucci website.

Here are a few of the team’s ‘top picks’ if Outdoor Christmas Gifts under $50 isn’t your style, and you’d rather stuff a stocking with some $315 cotton socks. We’ve also included the prices, because let’s be honest, that’s why you’re still reading this right?

The North Face x Gucci T-Shirt ($1,030 AUD)


The North Face x Gucci Polo Sweater ($2,970 AUD)


The North Face x Gucci Dress (U.S. only it seems but a fan favourite and worthy inclusion) ($4,500 USD = $6,323 AUD)


The North Face x Gucci ankle boot ($2,090 AUD)


The North Face x Gucci Socks ($315 AUD)


The North Face x Gucci Belt Bag ($1,495 AUD)


The North Face x Gucci Backpack ($2,730 AUD)