Hiking fashion has just reached new altitudes with a mountainous (and downright confusing) collab between The North Face and Gucci dropping in Australian stores. 


Forget plain black puffer jackets, snug-fitting tights, and dull-coloured day packs, The North Face x Gucci outdoor collection is dripping with outrageous floral prints, oversized outerwear, and a clashing 70s inspired colour palette. It’s fashion darling! Don’t question it too much, ok?


In recent years, Gucci has turned a corner in sustainable fashion as the iconic Italian brand aims to become a leader in sustainable luxury, making them an ideal label for The North Face to partner with, I guess. The collaborative collection has been created using sustainable and recycled materials and upholds both brands sustainability policies.

Not sure exactly who the target market is for this one – I don’t know many Gucci-heads who also love a stroll in the woods, but who knows, they could be out there. No word yet on the durability, water or wind proofness of the collection, but damn if that supremely puffy puffer jacket doesn’t look cosy as all get out. 

Try not to critique the model’s hiking technique in this video, will you? Let’s just enjoy this for what it is. 



If you’re keen on repping the look on the trail, you’ve only got until January 24th 2021 to get your mitts on this iconic kit. Whoever thought you might find your next piece of adventure gear at Gucci?

Gucci has stores in Sydney and Melbourne, plus a limited amount of the collection will be available on Gucci’s online store


Photos by Daniel Shea