Outdoor gear gifts don’t need to break the bank. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite bits of kit that punch well above their price tag when it comes to usefulness on outdoor adventures.


We’ve got Christmas Gear Guides for a bunch of our favourite activities already, with options ranging from climbers hand repair cream that’ll set you back $13, to the latest GoPro Camera, or GPS watch that’s approaching four figures. 

The fun thing about this list is all the items are strictly two figures and many of them are well under $25. Happy stocking stuffing!


1. Primus Lightweight Trail Cutlery

This Lightweight Cutlery Set from Primus weighs just 10g and only costs $17. 

Take my word for it, it’s a lot easier to carry something like this, than it is to eat pasta with a stick.


10 Outdoorsy Gifts Under $50 – Christmas Gear Guide 2021


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2. Bottle & Bladder Cleaning Tablets

Ever dared to look inside your camping bottle or water bladder after months without use? I did after lockdown and it wasn’t pretty. 

These cleaning tablets will have your receptacle of choice feeling brand new and ready to refresh you.


10 Outdoorsy Gifts Under $50 – Christmas Gear Guide 2021


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3. Sea to Summit Lightweight 20L Dry Sack

These dry sacks from Sea to Summit are an excellent investment. 

For just $25 you can guarantee a dry change of clothes, or a working camera, or phone. They’re highly stuffable and durable. Whether you’re squeezing them into a little corner in your pack or your sea kayak, it’ll keep the contents dry — as long as it’s not fully submerged.


10 Outdoorsy Gifts Under $50 – Christmas Gear Guide 2021


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4. Sea to Summit Multi-Purpose Wilderness Wash

This list is all about gifts under $50, but this gift is much, much cheaper than that, and will only set you back $6.50.

A super-concentrated formula, this is a ‘Multi-purpose outdoor wash concentrate that can be used as body soap/shampoo, clothes detergent, and dishwashing detergent’.

Basically, anything that gets dirty outdoors — yourself included — will be better after a scrub with some of this stuff.


10 Outdoorsy Gifts Under $50 – Christmas Gear Guide 2021


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5. 2x Espresso Pour Over Coffee Filter

We’d planned on not regurgitating previous Gear Guide inclusions but we’d be crazy not to draw attention once again to the 2x Espresso Pour Over Coffee Filter we recently reviewed


2x Espresso Pour Over Coffee Filter is The One Filter To Rule Them All - Review, Matt Wiseman, Coffee, Reusable Coffee Filter, Camp Kitchen

It’s rapidly become our go-to camp coffee filter, since it ticks all the boxes for performance, portability and sustainability. 

As we’ve said before, ‘if you can pour water out of a pot, you can make a coffee with this thing’.


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6. Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Lantern

Inflatable lantern anyone? This completely solar powered lantern collapses down to just 2.5cm making it an incredibly packable unit to take on any outdoor adventure 

It’ll charge in 7 hours of direct sunlight and lasts up to 18 hours on its lowest setting. 

It only costs $30 too.


10 Outdoorsy Gifts Under $50 – Christmas Gear Guide 2021


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7. Wild By Cheryl Strayed

This is the ultimate thru-hiking memoir about a woman with nothing to lose who makes an impulsive decision to walk America’s famous Pacific Crest Trail from the Mojave Desert through California and Oregon to Washington State alone.


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