Sydney’s in no short supply of fantastic places to swim. But what if you’re feeling a little cheeky? We’ve searched high and low for the best secluded swim spots for skinny dipping near Sydney. Let’s dive in.


We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Countries on which these adventures take place who have occupied and cared for these lands and waters for thousands of years. We pay our respects to them and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

The Joy of Skinny Dipping

No matter what your age, skinny dipping is one of those heart-racing activities, dripping in giggles and anticipation, that fills you up with life. 

Stripping off every inch of clothing and high-tailing it to the water is liberating and rebellious and nerve-wracking all at once. 

Although public nudity ain’t cool, well, in public, if you can manage to find a nice concealed spot where you and your company are the only ones about, a cheeky nude swim can be a delight. 

Nude beaches can do the trick, but the real thrill of skinny dipping is the titillation that comes knowing you’re bending the rules. 

So, nude beaches aside, here are our favourite places to skinny dip near Sydney. 

Please note, the places listed below are not official nude areas. All care should be taken by swimmers to ensure no unconsenting people are present if you decide to strip off! Visiting mid-week and towards the start or end of the day will mean less chance of bumping into people. 

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Skinny Dipping Near Sydney

1. Washaway Beach

Location: Sydney
Time from Sydney: 25mins

Unlike all the other swim spots on this list, Washaway Beach is IN the city. In fact, it’s found along one of the most trafficked walks in Sydney – the Spit to Manly – and it’s a harbour beach. 

But for whatever reason, you’ll rarely find another person there. 

The high cliffs encompass the beach on one side and it’s a bit of a rock scramble and climb down a ledge to get onto the sand. But once you do you’ll have the place to yourself. 

You can find the side trail to Washaway Beach along the Spit to Manly hike, around 500m further along from the Castle Rock Beach trail. Make sure to take the left fork around 120m in. It’s a bit of a muddy and rocky incline, but well worth the trek!

Please note: Best to visit at low tide as the waves can sometimes take over the sand at high tide.


2. Kentlyn Basin

Location: Keith Longhurst Reserve, Campbelltown
Time from Sydney: 55 mins

On the far-reaching western outskirts of Sydney, Keith Longhurst Reserve (formally called ‘The Basin’) is a little known pocket of nature just outside of Campbelltown. 

Take a walk down to the Georges River to find the delightful swimming pool, complete with waterfall, Kentlyn Basin. 

There are two walking options to reach the pool; The Basin walking track and the Old Ford Walking Track.

At just 2km return, The Basin walking track is a little shorter, however it’s steeper and less well-formed. The Old Ford walking track comes in at 2.6km return and is a little more established, featuring sandstone stairs.

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Photo by Lee Brown

3. Emerald Pool

Location: Popran National Park, Central Coast
Time from Sydney: 1hr 40mins

To the north of Sydney on NSW’s Central Coast, Popran National Park is home to the equally stunning and secluded Emerald Pool. Seriously, you should see the colour of the water!

The pool is easily accessible along the 5km Hominy Creek Track that’s bursting with wildflowers in spring. 

The water here is mighty clear and not too deep, so be sure no one’s around before stripping off, there are no deep, dark, depths to hide you!


4. Bungonia Creek

Location: Bungonia National Park, Bungonia
Time from Sydney: 2hr 15mins

The main reason you’ll have the pools of Bungonia Creek to yourself is that they’re dangin’ difficult to get to. 

The creek that flows through Bungonia Slot Canyon in Bungonia National Park is often broken into large pools by the big granite boulders that slow the flow. 

To reach the pool you can take the Red Track clockwise to hike through the slot canyon, or counterclockwise, which will send you down the steep gorge to the creek at the bottom. Follow the creek upstream for a kilometre or so and you’ll find the pools. 

Just don’t forget you’ve got the steep climb back up and out of the canyon when you’re done.


5. Mirang Pool

Location: Heathcote National Park, Sydney
Time from Sydney: 50 mins

Despite being more accessible than the ever-popular and overrun Karloo Pool in Royal National Park and with an almost identical access point, Mirang Pool in Heathcote National Park is often empty, sometimes even on a warm summer weekend. 

Although not as striking as Karloo Pool or even its sister Kingfisher Pool, Mirang Pool is surrounded by trees, with a delightful sandy campground right by the water’s edge, and big rocks to dry off on. 

Be aware though, the pool sits near the Pipeline Track, but there are multiple hidden spots out of sight of the trail.

This is one delightfully hidden place to skinny dip right in Sydney.

6. Govetts Creek

Location: Blackheath, Blue Mountains
Time from Sydney: 1hr 50mins

Situated deep in the Blackheath area of the Blue Mountains, you’ll find Govett’s Creek encompassed by the astounding Blue Gum Forest (a worthy destination in its own right!). 



This quiet, gurgling creek is a tributary of the Grose River which weaves its way through the Grose Valley. 

Either one is lovely for a dip, but the creek is a little more private, ideal for skinny dipping. 

The easiest way to get there is along the Perrys Lookdown to Blue Gum Forest walking track, a 4km return hike that starts at Perrys Lookdown and steeply descends down into the valley. 

Follow the track just past the intersection with the Junction Rock and Burra Korain trails and you’ll see the creek. Best to take a wander up the creek a little before stripping off to avoid giving other hikers an eyeful.


Photo by Andrew Harvey

7. Little River

Location: Bargo State Conservation Area, Buxton
Time from Sydney: 1hr 25min 

Now this is what you call secluded. 

Just a short drive out of the Macarthur village of Buxton you’ll find the trailhead to Little River track, a 2.4km return trail that leads you to the tucked-away swimming hole known as the Aqua Pool at Little River. 

A small waterfall flows into the wide pool and there are rocks around to lay a towel down and dry off post-dip!

8. Victoria Falls

Location: Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains
Time from Sydney: 1hr 45mins

Although Victoria Falls itself is relatively well known and popular, if you take the left hand fork in the Victoria Falls Track, you’ll be led to a series of waterfalls with their own pool at the bottom of each, which are often much quieter. 

Similar to Bungonia Creek, the hike to and from Victoria Falls is steep, so definitely leave some water in your bottle for the hike out.



Feature photo thanks to Paxson Woelber