Want to paddle down Amazonian rivers and climb remote Tasmanian mountains, all on the bus to work? Adventure podcasts are the perfect way to escape the grind and psych up for your next trip. Amelia’s got the listening you need.

Got a case of serious travel envy? Counting down the days until your next adventure? Well strap your ears in, because they’re about to go exploring.

We’ve compiled a list of the world’s best adventure podcasts, including some to surprise even the most avid podcast listeners. We’ve included plenty of Australian and Kiwi podcasts, as some of the best adventure podcasts are homegrown, and often overlooked compared to the big North American shows. These podcasts will do more than just tide you over until your next trip, they will transport you and inspire you to dream of bigger, better, adventures.


These podcasts embody Adventure with a capital A, so you don’t have to look hard to find an episode to inspire you. But to help you out, we’ve included a great episode from each podcast to start you off.

The Dirtbag Diaries

Bringing out the big guns first, this is one of the most popular adventure podcasts. Running since 2007, Dirtbag Diaries not only sounds great due to super high-tech production and editing, they also bring great stories to life.

Try starting off with Pedal Strokes and Perspective to hear a stereotype-smashing female adventurer talking about her experience cycling across America.


Then move on to Tales of Terror Volume 8, part of their regular series on fear and adventure.


Another well-known, high-tech American adventure podcast. No shortage of great stories here.

Dispatches Episode 19: an Amazingly Crappy Story

The “shittiest story” the hosts say they have ever told, this episode tracks a Canadian researcher on a mission to figure out what to do with human waste in natural areas. Full of great quotes like “chipping frozen shit into my face” and more poop jokes than you can poke a stick at. If you have ever taken a sh*t in the woods, you are morally obligated to listen to this.

XX factor: Vanessa Garrison Walks the Walk


If you’re just struggling to get off the couch, let alone tick off a casual 20km hike, this will inspire you to bring activity into your everyday life. This episode also hones into the importance of nature and adventure for self-care, and to help you live your best life.

We Need More Heroes

Not only does this British podcast bring you stories of adventure, the hosts are currently cycling from North to South America and producing a podcast. This show is more informal and not as highly produced as Outside or Dirtbag Diaries, but has seriously inspiring interviews nonetheless.

Season 1 Episode 9 – Dimitri Kieffer

This episode is an interview with Frenchman Dimitri Kieffer, an unstoppable human adventure machine, circumnavigating the globe using only different types of human-powered transport.  

Girls Can Do Scary Things Too

The first Aussie podcast on the list, this show delivers quick bites of adventure. Although it’s marketed at girls, and is great for kids, the stories are relatable no matter your age.

Episode 1: Alyssa Azar Mt Everest and Beyond, My Story

In the very first episode, the show’s host Alyssa Azar tells her story, as the youngest Australian ever to climb Mount Everest at 19.

Australian Hiker

Good for instructional guides, this podcast is not as story driven as the other shows on this list. Australian Hiker is great for Australian specific travel tips, like:

Episode 018: The Overland Track: Expectations vs Reality

Or Episode 049: Kangaroo Island Here We Come, An Overview

The Long Way Home

Whenua, Whakapapa, Whanau. Land ties to Community. Produced by Radio New Zealand, this excellent series follows actor Bruce Hopkins’ journey along the infamous 3000km Te Araroa track as he takes the ashes of his brother and father home to his birthplace.

She Explores

Episode 58: are you able to change your dream?


In a world full of motivational speakers, we are all under pressure to set and achieve goals. But we don’t often hear about changing or re-evaluating those goals. Listen to some inspiring adventurous women discuss changing their dreams, and why it’s so important.

Bad Boy Running

Are you a runner? This British podcast is for you, as 2 hosts take their post-run pub banter and transport it into your ears in podcast form.

EP 41- Danny Bent talks Project Awesome, Special Forces Hell Week and World Rely


In this episode the hosts talk to adventurer Danny Bent (once they get through their chatter). Bent is well-known in the UK for his stint on TV show Special Forces Hell Week, his creative adventurous fundraising, and setting up Project Awesome, an initiative to bring more fun to everyday exercise.

The Paul Kirtley Podcast

A British podcast, with a solo host who is an expert in wilderness survival, this podcast is a breath of fresh air. It straddles the line between the high-tech production of some of the bigger podcasts and the freedom of small startup podcasts. This has the best of both worlds, the professionalism and nuanced questions of a big podcast, but also the fun of a smaller podcast.

PK Podcast 017: Al Humphreys on Adventures Great and Small


Guest Al Humphreys cycled around the world for 4 years, and has written over 10 adventure books. Humphreys is best known for his book on Microadventures which inspired thousands to sneak adventurous moments into their 9-5 lives (and is a major source of inspiration for We Are Explorers).  

Adventure Science

Want to understand the world you’re exploring? This Canadian podcast merges the best of adventure life with science. So you’ll learn something and be inspired!

Will Gadd


A Canadian adventure powerhouse, Will Gadd is an ice climber, paraglider and kayaker. In this episode he details his journey into adventure, and how growing up with a geologist for a father helped him better understand the world in which he was adventuring.

Our Changing World

Another science-based podcast, coming from New Zealand, Our Changing World focuses on the changes to world around us. Listen to Turnaround in takahē’s fortunes, an episode about conservation efforts to protect New Zealand’s endangered flightless takahē bird.

Wild Ideas Worth Living

Sponsored by REI, this is another well-known, highly-produced podcast.

Episode 063 Brendan Leonard – How to Run 100 Miles, Get Paid to Write Books and Blogs and Make Movies and Cartoons about Adventures


What a title! Sign me up now! Guest Brendan Leonard is the creator of Semi-Rad, and the adventure community’s favourite cartoonist

One-off Episodes

These are the podcasts you might have skipped over as they don’t scream “adventure” from the title. But don’t tune out! Some of the best adventure stories we’ve ever heard have been from these shows.


Conversations is one of Australia’s highest rated podcasts, and for a very good reason. This podcast has a focus on great storytelling. Each week, host Richard Fidler interviews someone with a unique story. Filder is one of the best interviewers in the world, and each episode never fails to leave you enthralled.

Hiking while blind? Best of 2017: Daniel Kisch, tells the story of Kisch, who uses echolocation to hike, bike and adventure, all without seeing.


Listening to trees: nature’s magnificent networkers is all about the amazing ways trees communicate, and Biologist David Haskell’s work to decode their messages.

When adventure goes wrong, helicopter pilot Jerry Grayson will be there to rescue you in Royal Navy Helicopter rescue pilot Jerry Grayson.

Death Sex Money

Why Jeb Corliss Jumps Off Cliffs

Famous BASE wingsuit jumper Jeb Corliss reflects on his near-death experiences while adventuring and why he keeps going back. Jeb’s adventures just scrape in on the safe side of lethal, and are at the very edge of what is possible in extreme sports.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Women’s Wanderlust

“Women should be careful traveling on their own. It’s just not safe.” This podcast busts that stereotype wide open, looking at the experiences of solo female travelers from early 19th Century explorers, to modern day eat-pray-lovers. Stuff Mom Never Told You smashes gender norms and is a must listen regardless of your gender.

If you’re enjoying the theme of old-school adventure women, listen to Pocahontas and the Indian Princess Myth.


Season 8 episode 1 “Science’s greatest journeys”


These self-confessed Aussie nerds come with a language warning, and a warning that you might learn something cool. This episode focuses on some amazing historical voyages, starting with Charles Darwin’s voyage on the Beagle.

And Finally, Some Sounds Of Home

Off Track

Off Track sounds distinctly Australian. Not just because of the Aussie accents; this podcast focuses just as much on the distinctive sounds of the Australian outback, with bird calls, crickets and the rustle of gum trees. If you’re looking for a podcast to really transport you, this is it. Earworms from Planet Earth II brings you sounds from the Australian bush and all over the world. If you’re reading from overseas, this show will cure even the strongest case of homesickness.

Whether you’re commuting to work, in the car driving to your next adventure, or just need some inspiration to get off the couch, these podcasts will deliver the goods. Grab your headphones and buckle up for a sonic journey into the wild!

Have we missed out any of your favourite podcasts? Let us know in the comments!


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