The first four episodes of ‘Watershed Chats’ are available to listen now!


Want to make our hearts flutter and our eyes twinkle with adoration? Give us an engaging conversation with someone doing their darndest to make the world a better place. We’ll be all ears (and hearts).

Our mates at Patagonia Australia have thrown their support behind ‘Watershed Chats’, a new podcast that speaks with experts who are trying to create and build a healthier and more habitable future on Earth. Not a bad way to spend your time eh? 

Hosted by Dave Rastovich and Lauren Hill of ‘The Waterpeople Podcast, ‘Watershed Chats’ is full of inspo and solutions to all those environmental issues the world is facing. 

The first four episodes are ready and waiting to wiggle into your ear hole. 

Episodes so far;



Why not just listen to the whole series?

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All photos provided by Patagonia