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The Best Meteor Showers Of 2019, Pat Corden, astrophotography, tent, snow, mountains

The Best Meteor Showers Of 2019

There are a bunch of epic meteor showers coming in 2019. Pat's got the lowdown on when they start, when they're peakin' and how to get the best vantage point. The night sky's callin' Ziggy, rug up and get out there! There are few things in thi... Read More...

Pat Corden

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Pat is an Australian-based outdoor adventure & lifestyle photographer. After completing university, he said sayonara to Australia with only a backpack, a one-way ticket to Patagonia, 20-hours of Spanish podcasts. Over the course of a year, two friends and he rode motorbikes from the bottom of South America to the top. From a 24-day trek through the Andes and climbing 6,000m peaks to living on a remote beach in huts made of driftwood for a month, the year was everything they could have hoped for… x10. Returning from a year of travel, he promptly dove head first into photography and got back to exploring our wild places.