Episode two of the We Are Explorers podcast is out! Get your dirty mitts on it now!


We know you’ve been chomping at the bit for the next episode of our podcast to drop. But this ain’t a Netflix binge. We’re teaaassing it out, making you chew it over for a whole week before we give you more juicy goods. Well the wait is up!

This week, Henry chats with Fuschia Sims, a gutsy and passionate Explorer and environmentalist who’s combined her love for the two into one handy app – Adventure Junky. 

This app helps Explorers travel the world in a responsible and sustainable way by listing tour operators around the globe who make their adventure experiences as eco-friendly as possible. Explorers are also encouraged to offset their carbon use (which, let’s be real, when you’re jumping on a plane several times a year to adventure around the world, is probably a must). 

Henry and Fuschia dive into the ethics of adventure travel, how Fuschia ended up with a Bhutanese prayer flag printing box, as well as the story of her unbelievable childhood (hint: by age 10 she’d already travelled to 30 countries). 


Episode Two of the We Are Explorers Podcast is Here!, Fuschia Sims, Bhutanese prayer flag printing box


Don’t wait a second longer than you have to, get this baby cranking now. 

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