Episode three of the We Are Explorers podcast has landed. Plug in and learn all about adventure therapy.


This week, Henry’s catching up with Andy Hamilton, a psychologist who’s dedicated his life to helping young people find their feet through the power of the outdoors and adventure. 

Andy’s the founder of Human Nature Adventure Therapy, a not-for-profit program that takes at-risk teens into the bush for 10 days at a time. They camp, they climb, they canoe and Andy works with them to try and overcome their mental health and behavioural issues. 

Henry and Andy delve into the impact time spent in nature and overcoming adversity in the wild can have on our lives, how being hit by a truck in his 20’s changed the course of his life, and how a photo of a cicada encapsulates the transformative power of his therapy.



This isn’t the first time We Are Explorers has spent time with Andy. A few years ago, Ellie Keft joined Andy on one of his 10 day expeditions. Read more about the experience and the people who benefit from adventure therapy.

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