This week’s podcast shakes things up a bit – but hopefully not too much as the whole thing was precariously recorded up a gum tree.


Good mate and keen contributor to We Are Explorers, Pat Corden, is playing guest host this week, chatting to arguably our favourite backyard Explorer, Beau Miles. It’s a match made in adventure heaven. And it just so happens, adventure heaven is situated 10 metres up a Strzeleckii gumtree in Jindivick, Victoria. 



To put all our cards on the table, this is how we hoped all the episodes of the We Are Explorers Podcast would be recorded – out in nature, in the midst of an adventure – it seemed only right. 

But as 2020 would have it, after our first episode was recorded, the whole she-bang was thwarted, sending us back to the safety of our home offices, with the challenge of recording every episode thereafter over the net. 

Yet, we just couldn’t let go of this glorious conversation, from what already seems a simpler time.

But why are they up a tree?

Thanks for asking. 

So Beau Miles loves an adventure, especially one close to home, and he loves to create short films that always seem to beg the question ‘Why is he doing that?’ 

For his most recent adventure, Beau decided to spend a night up a tree in his own backyard. And we decided to gatecrash. 



From the park bench Beau hoisted up the tree himself, Pat and Beau chat about the meaning of adventure, writing risk assessments about yourself, and adventuring with newborns. It’s as insightful as it is entertaining.

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Feature photo by @patcorden