Beau Miles is back with another super local short film that redefines adventure. Instead of running laps of his block, this time Beau’s turned his head skywards, towards the Big Gums.


Beau Miles, who you’ll remember from ‘running a marathon down an old train line‘, ‘walking 90km to work‘ or ‘eating beans for 40 days‘, is at it again.

Unlike most adventurers, who go bigger and further afield with every mission, Beau’s getting even closer to home. Big Gums takes his childlike wonder to new heights with a plan to spend a night sleeping ten metres up a tree.

Treehouse this is not. Beau hauls up planks and a park bench (?) to strap to one of the vulnerable Strzeleckii gums that call his property home and, after quite a bit more work than he bargained for, settles in to experience the world from a new perspective.

The John Muir vibes are strong and in fact, it was watching the trees sway in a storm that originally inspired Beau to spend a night up there.

As sunrise dawns, Beau gets to the real point. He fucking loves trees, and they’re far too threatened in Australia. Too valuable to cut down to throw up another McMansion.

Keep an eye out for our Explorer Pat Corden in the film, he interviewed Beau up the tree and documented Beau’s mission with these incredible photos. Chuck him a follow on Instagram and get keen, this special edition of the We Are Explorers Podcast drops next week!