Tassie’s iconic Overland Track is enough of a stunner by itself, but there are enough possible side trips to satisfy endless, ‘I wonder what’s over that hill?’ urges. Explorer Brooke tried out one of the best and ventured down to Pine Valley Hut.


We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Country on which this adventure takes place who have occupied and cared for the lands, waters, and their inhabitants, for thousands of years. We pay our respects to them and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.


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Quick Overview

The Pine Valley Hut side trail offers a 3-in-1 adventure off of Tasmania’s famous 65km Overland Track in Lake St Clair National Park. From the turnoff on the Overland Track, it’s a 4.7km trail to Pine Valley Hut, which takes approximately a 1.5 hours. From Pine Valley Hut, there are two further side tracks to The Labyrinth and The Acropolis, approximately 6km long each which increase in difficulty.

About Pine Valley Hut

Pine Valley Hut is a somewhat lesser visited hut in Lake St Clair National Park – but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the leg power! You’ll find this sweet, forest-nestled cabin along the Pine Valley side trails of the Overland Track.

This hut is the launching pad for hikers to make day trips out to The Labyrinth and The Acropolis, and provides an oasis to come back to and rest those weary legs!

A must visit if you have a few days to spare on your Overland Track expedition (and it’s often heralded as the best side trip of the hike!).

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Pine Valley Hut History

Pine Valley Hut was the second hut to be built along the Overland Track in 1942.

How to Get to Pine Valley Hut

If you’re planning on hiking this as part of the Overland Track, you’ll see the turnoff for Pine Valley Hut on your right as you walk towards Narcissus Hut, away from Windy Ridge Hut.

If you’re doing it in reverse, (as Pine Valley isn’t an official part of the Overland Track, you don’t need to have a pass for the track) then you’ll need to walk around Lake St Clair or get a ferry across to Narcissus Hut and follow the track from there.

If you’re not planning on walking the entire Overland Track, you can take a 30 minute ferry ride from Lake St Clair Visitor Centre for $55 per person each way. This will drop you at Narcissus Hut, where you can walk the 9.5km to Pine Valley Hut and beyond.

Where to Stay Along Pine Valley

Perhaps not surprisingly, the best place to stay during the Pine Valley Hut side track is *drum roll* Pine Valley Hut!

That’s right, you can take the side track and claim a bunk in the hut itself. Unlike other camping spots along the Overland Track, there are no tent platforms at the hut itself, but there are sleeping platforms inside, and tent platforms a short distance away in the forest.

There’s also a bush toilet and tank water close by the hut.

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The Best Side Trip On The Overland Track? // Pine Valley Hut (TAS), Brooke Nolan, Acropolis3, raised track, red beanie, blue backpack, trees, mountains

Skill Level

Intermediate – Advanced

The majority of the walk requires an intermediate level of skill while the Acropolis summit is rated advanced as it is incredibly steep.

Distance / Duration / Elevation

Overland Track turnoff to Pine Valley Hut – 4.7km one way

Pine Valley Hut to The Labyrinth – 6km / 4 hours

Pine Valley Hut to The Acropolis – 6km / 5 hours

Very steep ascents/descents to The Labyrinth and The Acropolis

Essential Gear for Pine Valley Hut

What It’s Like to Hike Pine Valley Hut Side Trails

Pine Valley Hut

Distance: 4.7km

The Overland Track is one of the best multi day hikes in Tasmania, stretching 65km from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair. The hike itself is one of the world’s most spectacular, but it’s the infinite list of side trips that make it the perfect place for the intrepid explorer.

Myself and my friend Joelle were around two days into the hike when we first heard rumours of Pine Valley Hut.

‘Are you going?’ people asked. ‘It’s the best side trip on the track.’ Well, how could we resist?

Situated off the main Overland Track between Windy Ridge Hut and Narcissus Hut, Pine Valley Hut has no tent platforms but does have sleeping platforms in the hut and plenty of places to pitch your canvas abode outside.

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The Labyrinth

Distance: app. 6km
Time: 4 hours

After a fairly easy 4.7km walk from the main track, we dropped packs, claimed our bunks, and headed off with our newly-acquired friends Deb and Andrea (don’t you just love how easy it is to meet people on the trail?) to The Labyrinth.

A steep uphill brings you to an unending maze of cairns and lakes. The views really are something else, and were made even more perfect for us thanks to the clear skies and bright sunshine. Even better – we were the only ones there.


The Best Side Trip On The Overland Track? // Pine Valley Hut (TAS), Brooke Nolan, The Labyrinth, river, rocks, mountains, view


As it was late in the day, and we didn’t have any maps for the area, we stayed at the top of the Labyrinth admiring the views below. But we heard later that you can drop straight down to the lake provided you’re prepared.

That night we slept well back at Pine Valley Hut, despite the warnings of the local ‘friendly’ mice. Luckily for us, they decided not to make an appearance.

The Acropolis

Distance: app. 6km
Time: 5 hours

Rising early the next day, we picked up our day packs again and headed straight up to The Acropolis.

The Acropolis is Pine Valley’s most popular day hike. A mountain standing 1,481m above sea level, it’s infamous for its towering dolomite peaks and walls which make the summit a difficult feat for even the most seasoned hiker.

The hike begins from Pine Valley Hut, snaking upwards and flattening out with some duckboard laid by Tasmania Parks Service. It’s pretty easy to navigate with a fairly clear path, until you reach the mountain itself. Then, it’s every person for themselves as you choose the best route to scramble to the summit.

Unlike the day before, the skies were grey and the impending threat of rain hung heavy in the air. This, combined with a rock wall that was simply too high for us to climb, saw us get about 20 metres shy of the top, before deciding to call it quits. But it was close enough, and the views back across the valley were more than worth the effort.

A quick lunch break and we scrambled back down just in time for the skies to open. We took a quick break back in at Pine Valley Hut before heading to our next and final stop on the Overland Track – Narcissus Hut.

So, were they right? Was this the best side trip on the Overland Track? Well, there was only one way to find out…

Tips for Hiking Pine Valley Hut

You don’t have to walk the Overland Track to visit Pine Valley Hut (and you don’t need a coveted Overland Track pass either). You can book the Lake St Clair ferry which will take you to Narcissus Hut, a 9.5km walk from Pine Valley Hut.

You will need to book a parks pass before heading to Lake St Clair National Park.

FAQs Pine Valley Hut

Where is Pine Valley Hut located?

Pine Valley Hut is located along the Overland Track in Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania.

How do you get to Pine Valley Hut?

To get to Pine Valley Hut, you must either hike the 65km Overland Track and take it as a side trail on day six, or take a 30 minute ferry ride from the Lake St Clair Visitor Centre to Narcissus Hut to walk the 9.5km hut-to-hut.

When is Pine Valley Hut open?

Pine Valley Hut should be open for hiking whenever the Overland Track is open for hiking. However it’s always best to check the Tasmania Parks website for alerts before heading out.

Is Pine Valley Hut good for beginners?

No, the hike from the Overland Track turnoff to Pine Valley Hut is suited to intermediate hikers, and the walks to The Labyrinth and The Acropolis are for advanced hikers only.

How long does it take to complete Pine Valley Hut?

The walk from the Overland Track turnoff to Pine Valley Hut takes between 1.5-2 hours each way. However the hikes to The Labyrinth and The Acropolis both take upwards of four hours each, so are best suited to do on separate days, while staying at Pine Valley Hut.

How long is the walk to Pine Valley Hut?

The hike to Pine Valley Hut from the Overland Track turnoff is 4.7km. From Narcissus Hut to Pine Valley Hut is 9.5km.

Is Pine Valley Hut free?

Although you have to pay to hike the Overland Track ($200 per person), the side trail to Pine Valley Hut and beyond doesn’t cost any additional money to walk. However, to enter Lake St Clair National Park, you’ll need to purchase a parks pass.