Frequent Scenic Rim hikers will likely have been up Mt Greville more than once. There are three usual routes up and down Mt Greville – Palm Gorge, Waterfall Gorge, and South East Ridge. But did you know there’s a third gorge you can hike? Meet the North Gorge.


  • One day, three gorges – and a summit
  • Rock scrambling and navigation 
  • Photo opportunities galore ranging from rock edge views to cliff framed gorges

Ascending The North Gorge

Mt Greville’s lesser-known North Gorge is much wilder than Palm and Waterfall Gorge. It’s a little less picturesque but has its own bold character, with some route finding challenges thrown in.



To start your three gorge adventure, head up Waterfall Gorge bound for Slab Rock – that’s the lookout where you get Mt Greville’s best views. Just before you reach the viewpoint on Slab Rock – you’ll spot a gully heading between it and another rock face, and should be able to pick up a very rough footpad. Start descending the faint twisting footpad until you can turn left up a gorge.

As you head up the gorge, stick to your left as much as possible – you’re essentially choosing the path of least resistance as you climb.

Looking for something less challenging? Try one of these routes instead.



You wind past tangled, hanging roots, tackle loose scree, climb over fallen trees, and trek through mounds of loose leaf litter. The gorge narrows as you head higher, and as you’ll eventually come to the end you’ll be facing a cave, with a loose rock scramble to tackle to reach a fixed ladder.

You’ll need to be skilled and confident at rock scrambling and safe route finding for this section – extreme care is needed. These rocks can be loose or slippery and any trees or shrubs cannot be relied on.



The fixed ladder was presumably installed by climbers, although how long it may remain there is unknown so best not to count on it. 

Hoist yourself up the ladder, scramble up another rock section, and then it’s a brief five minute walk to the summit.

Top of The Rock

Although there aren’t amazing views at the summit (stop at Slab Rock for these), it’s a good spot to take a break and enjoy some snacks.


Vast vistas from Slab Rock


After the mandatory summit tag, you can opt to descend the mountain via Palm Gorge if you’re keen to claim the three gorges of Mt Greville title – or you can go down the South East Ridge.

The lower gorges of Mt Greville are great on warm days, offering a cool escape from the sun under palm trees and towering cliff walls.


Essential Gear

  • Snacks and at least 2-3 litres of water (There are no water sources on the trail)
  • Hiking shoes
  • Hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent 
  • Camera
  • Hiking buddy to share in the route finding fun
  • Toilet paper/rubbish bag – there are no toilet facilities in the car park or on the mountain
  • First aid kit

How To Get There

From Brisbane, take the Ipswich Motorway, which turns into the Cunningham Highway. Follow this down until Lake Moogerah Road on your left, and then follow this until you hit Mt Greville Road on your right.

The road here is gravel in places but 2WD accessible.

Follow Mt Greville Road down until you see a small car park on your right and signs for the national park.

Skill Level

Advanced. To tackle the three gorges, you’ll need to be very skilled and confident at rock scrambling and route finding and happy to tackle rough and loose terrain in places. The last part of the North Gorge is very loose in places and there’s a risk of falls.

Before you attempt this lesser known route, you should be familiar and competent with the routes up Waterfall and Palm gorges.

Distance / Time Taken/ Elevation


If your route finding and bush bashing skills are up to scratch, the hike should take no more than 4-5 hours.

Mt Greville stands at 767m.