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What To Pack For A Marathon Hike Lisa Owen, waterfall, cascade, boots, feet, rocks, header

Packing Smart For A Marathon Hike

Hiking the length of a marathon over remote and challenging terrain might not be everyone's cup of cocoa but if you're ready to take on 42km in one day then you...
Lisa Owen_Best Beginner Hikes Near Brisbane_MtCordeaux, Mountain, path, trail, grass trees, sky

Top 5 Beginner Hikes Near Brisbane

Lisa Owen grew up an hour from Brisbane and was raised on a hearty diet of tree-climbing and bushwalking. She's a We Are Explorers Explorer Of The Month, which ...

Lisa Owen

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Lisa is a passionate adventurer, hiker, nomad and writer. A public relations professional and travel blogger Monday to Friday, but by the time the weekend rolls around, Lisa ditches the corporate world for her hiking boots and sets out to discover the best off track trails across Queensland and New South Wales.