Looking for a quick and dirty hike in the Scenic Rim that doesn’t involve working up a sweat? Lisa has found the perfect mini-hike to Yellow Pinch Lookout; ideal for nature lovers visiting Mt Barney National Park.

Quick Overview

Yellow Pinch Lookout trail is a 2km return, grade 2 hike located in Mt Barney National Park in Queensland. The hike takes 1 hour to complete.



  • Quick and dirty hike
  • Get an epic view of Mt Barney
  • Start early and you’ll have time for another hike in the foothills of Mt Barney

Yellow Pinch Yourself

By the light of our headlamps, six early bird hikers ventured up a fire trail to catch a sunrise. At 5.00am, dawn had not yet arrived in the foothills of Mt Barney – one of the Scenic Rim’s most epic mountains. Before heading up this imposing massif for my seventh time, I wanted to get a view of Mt Barney from Yellow Pinch lookout.


Mini-Hike To A Mountain View// Mt Barney National Park (QLD) Lisa Owen Yellow Pinch Lookout trees, sunrise


About a 15-20 minute uphill walk from the Yellow Pinch carpark, you’ll arrive at the top of the 391m Yellow Pinch lookout and if the clouds are behaving, be greeted with an incredible view of Mt Barney’s East Face.

If you want to get a taste of Mt Barney without the 7-10 hour hike, then this might just be the option for you. The trail up is not marked but there’s a good footpad; it can be loose in some places with slippery rocks.


Mini-Hike To A Mountain View// Mt Barney National Park (QLD) Lisa Owen Yellow Pinch Lookout hiking, backpack, trees, sunrise


I chose to head up here for sunrise – but sunset would also be a good option. While you’ll only see the sunrise through the trees from the viewpoint, the golden glow it casts onto Barney is the main attraction.

Good Morning Mt Barney

If you’re going to climb Mt Barney that day – Yellow Pinch will give you a good indication of what you’re in for as you can clearly see the South East and Logan’s ridgelines rising steeply up to the 1,354m East Peak from the lookout.

The hike to the summit of Mt Barney ascends more than 1,100m in elevation from the base. You’ve been warned! Mt Barney is for experienced hikers only.

You can also hike to Cronan Creek Secret Falls from the Yellow Pinch Reserve carpark or head back up the road to reach the Lower Portals.

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Mini-Hike To A Mountain View// Mt Barney National Park (QLD) Lisa Owen Yellow Pinch Lookout mt barney, girl, hiker

Essential Gear

  • Camera
  • Breakfast
  • Bottle of water
  • Sturdy shoes

How To Get There

Start the walk from the Yellow Pinch carpark in Mt Barney National Park – located off Upper Logan Road. The drive in is gravel for about 3km but is suitable for 2WD vehicles.

From the carpark, head up the fire trail leading from the information signs. You’ll reach a metal turnstile after about 10 minutes. If you go left, you’re heading to Mt Barney, if you go straight, you’ll head up to the Yellow Pinch lookout.

About 5-10 minutes from the turnstile, you’ll reach the top of the lookout.

Skill Level


Distance / Duration

2km / 1 hour return including time at the lookout