Colours of York (WA)


  • Canola fields
  • Scenic drive
  • Fields & hills of green in winter
  • Rustic town (oldest town in WA)


The weather has been treating Perth with grey skies and rain filled days since the middle of the week. Thereby, wanting a slice of fresh air, I decided to check the weather forecast. Seeing that the sun was going to be greeting us with warm arms the next day, we quickly thought of the idea of a tomorrow trip to the town of York. So the next morning, we grabbed our morning coffee, the camera, our backpacks and embarked on the drive East-way from Perth.

The drive consisted of hills and green pastures on either sides; views of the far away Perth from the Darling ranges; and a talk about the things of life. As we started coming closer to our awaited-destination, my body exalted with sheer elation at the sight of some canola fields (they were not very big however). Upon arrival, the first move on our itinerary was Mt. Brown, located just a short 5 mins drive outside of York. After a couple of awe-inspired statements & proclamations at the sight that the peak kindly gives, we un-packed our bags and had our previously prepared lunch. It is quite fair to say that I’d much rather have lunch at the top of a peak rather than a fine and fancy restaurant.
After a short hike in and around Mt. Brown, our next move was toward the canola fields, which location’s I scouted from the peak of the mount. Upon seeing the waves of canola and the green hills in the back, our excited selves couldn’t help but point toward these yellows strands that moved like the wind, and by the wind. We found a place to stop, got out of the car and quickly galloped toward the seas of yellow, leaving behind my car window half open (I highly don’t recommend leaving your windows open; I’ve heard there are some smart kangaroos in York that can supposedly drive cars).
At last… We have found what we were looking for (See photos above).

Essential Gear

  • Enclosed shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Pre-packed lunch and snacks for the road (good way to save money & time)
  • Camera
  • Your excited self

How to get there

York is only a one and a half hour drive East of Perth.


  • Hiking
  • Town exploring
  • Sightseeing
  • Photography

 Skill Level:


Distance covered:

~ 200km’s round trip, and a few km’s hike/walk throughout the day.