Springtime in Western Australia is an absolute beauty. The state is renowned for its wildflower displays. In fact the South West of WA is home to 8,000 plant species, many rare and threatened and over half you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.


Looking for wildflowers near Perth? Whether you’re after an easy day trip or want to get out of the city for a whole weekend of wildflower hunting, there are many locations not too far from Perth to choose from. So pack a picnic or an overnight bag, grab your camera, and let’s go!

Wildflowers Near Perth Day Trips

1. Kings Park

Distance from Perth: 0km! It’s in the heart of the CBD
Hikes: There are walk paths all throughout the park, but to be up and close to the park’s collection of wildflowers, meander through the Botanic Garden
Wildflowers: Different coloured Kangaroo Paws including the black and ‘Anniversary Gold’, as well as a collection of banksias

Centrally located in the CBD, Kings Park grows around a quarter of Western Australia’s native plants which are on display throughout the year. With great open green spaces and stunning city views, it’s perfect for an afternoon stroll and picnic at dusk.

2. Bold Park

Distance from Perth: 9.5km
Hikes: Camel Lake Trail, Zamia Trail, Yoorn Walk, and Reabold Hill Summit Boardwalk
Wildflowers: Native cranberry, Dilleniaceae

Another parkland reserve located close to the CBD, Bold Park is home to over 300 local native plants including species that are regionally significant.

3. Yanchep National Park

Distance from Perth: 50km
Hikes: The Ghost House and Caves walks are popular
Wildflowers: Native orchids, Yanchep rose, Kangaroo paws, and wattles

Yanchep National Park is a great spot to visit any time of year, but in the spring it’s alive with colour. It’s a great place to bring the family and there’s even a pub and restaurant there for an easy lunch or afternoon refreshment.


Kangaroo paws | Photo by Jason Thomas

4. John Forrest National Park

Distance from Perth: 30km
Hikes: Eagle View Walk, Wildflower Walk Trail via Hovea Falls, Heritage Trail
Wildflowers: Banksia, wattle, dryandras, myrtles, Kangaroo paws, and Blue leschenaultia

The first national park established in Western Australia in 1900, John Forrest National Park covers 2,500 hectares of land and offers a huge range of hike trails, bike paths, picnic areas and playgrounds.



5. Mundy Regional Park

Distance from Perth: 22km
Hikes: Lesmurdie Falls, Whistlepipe Gully
Wildflowers: Pink Enamel orchid, Blue Fairy orchids, Cowslip orchids, Honey bushes, Myrtle hakeas, and Prickly Moses wattle

A stretch of land covering 56 hectares, Mundy Regional Park is home to many stunning trails and waterfalls. In the spring it comes alive with wildflowers galore.


Cowslip Orchid

6. Beelu National Park

Distance from Perth: 40km
Hikes: Helena Pipehead Walk, Bibbulmun Track and Portagabra Track
Wildflowers: Wattle, dryandras, Pimelea, myrtles, Blue leschenaultia, and orchids

With 3000 hectares of nature magic, there’s a lot to see in this part of the Perth Hills. It’s teeming with flora and fauna, with springtime really bringing it to life.

7. Serpentine National Park

Distance from Perth: 65km
Hikes: Kittys Gorge, Baldwins Bluff
Wildflowers: Dryandras, Yellow buttercups, grevilleas, White banjines, Sticky starflowers, Morning irises, Couch honeypots, Pincushion hakeas

Known for its beautiful waterfalls and an hour out of the city, Serpentine National Park is a beautiful place to wander through the hike trails to view the splendour of wildflowers in season.



8. Ellis Brook Valley Reserve

Distance from Perth: 25km
Hikes: Easy Walk Trail (wheelchair accessible), Blue Wren Ramble, Eagle View, Sixty Foot Falls Circuit.
Wildflowers: Hakea, Buttercups, Prickly hovea, Native wisteria, grevillea, and orchids including Bluebeards, Midge, and Donkey

A short drive south of the city and set amongst rolling hills, this is a great wildflower hot spot. Here, you’ll find 500 species of flora and a selection of trails to follow.


Winter donkey orchid

9. Helena National Park

Distance from Perth: 80km
Hikes: The Bibbulmun Track runs through this area, you can connect with it at Mt Dale and hike a loop
Wildflowers: Kangaroo paws, hakeas, grevilleas, orchids, and wattles

Located in the Wheatbelt Region, this makes for a longer day trip for your wildflower hunting adventure. But pack up a picnic, you’ll be so glad you made the trip.


10. Noble Falls Walk Trail

Distance from Perth: 51km
Hikes: This is a 3.5km looped hike
Wildflowers: Orchids, hakeas, grevilleas, isopogons, petrophiles, and verticordias

A short drive east of Perth, Noble Falls is a beautiful area and the perfect place for a family hike and picnic.

Wildflowers Near Perth Weekend Trips

If you have an entire weekend to head out of town, here’s our top list of places to go and view the wildflowers around Western Australia this spring.

1. The Cape to Cape Trail

Distance from Perth: 246km from Perth to Dunsborough
Where to stay: There are many places to stay when visiting the southwest of WA. Our pick is the Yallingup Caravan Park
Wildflowers: Sturt desert pea, Acacia wattle, Mulla mulla, Cape Range grevillea, Yardie Creek morning glory, Cape Range kurrajong, and a range of orchids

Starting near Dunsborough at Cape Naturalist in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, there are many places along this 123km coastal trail where you can walk and be surrounded by sprays of wildflowers. My recommendation is to begin at Cape Leeuwin, where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet, and weave through Injidup Beach, Contos Beach, and the Boranup Karri Forest for the best viewing.

2. D’entrecasteaux National Park

Distance from Perth: 315km
Hikes: Mt Chudalup, Goblin Swamp, Beedelup Falls
Wildflowers: Rare orchids including the Dunsborough donkey, South Coast spider, and zebra varieties. There are also Pink petticoats, everlastings, a variety of peas, and Bearded heaths, banksias, adenanthos, as well as displays of White clematis and Native wisteria
Where to stay: Roundtu-it Eco Caravan Park

D’entrecasteaux National Park offers a stunning landscape stretching along 130km of coastline between Augusta and Walpole. This is where the perfect coastline meets the giants of our karri forest.


Everlasting daisies | Photo by Jason Thomas

3. Lesueur National Park

Distance from Perth: 244km to Lesueur NP, 250km to Greenhead
Hikes: Yonga Trail (26km overnight hike), Yued Ponar Trail, Lesueur Trail, and Gairdner Trail
Wildflowers: Acacias, hibbertias, leschenaultias, melaleucas, gastrolobiums, orchids and Kangaroo paws
Where to stay: Greenhead Caravan Park

There are over 900 species of native plants to be found in Lesueur National Park. Bask in blankets of colour as you wander along the walk trails marvelling at the panoramic views.



4. Stirling Ranges

Distance from Perth: 397km
Hikes: Bluff Knoll Summit Trail, Toolbrunup Peak Trail, Mount Magog Walk
Wildflowers: Mountain bells, Queen of Sheba orchids, Stirling Range banksia
Where to stay: Stirling Range Caravan Park

The landscape in the Stirling Ranges is rugged, and home to Bluff Knoll. This area of land covers 115,671 hectares, features more than 1,500 plants, and is the only mountain range in the South West.

5. Porongurup National Park

Distance from Perth: 390km
Hikes: Castle Rock, Devils Slide, Nancys Peak, Wansbrough Walk
Wildflowers: Yellow acacias, Delicate purple pea flowers, and the rare Mountain villarsia
Where to stay: Porongurup Range Tourist Park

From deep rich forest to granite peaks and looming boulders, the walk trails in Porongurup National Park offer compelling views and beautiful moments, which become even more special in the springtime when the flowers bloom.



FAQs About Wildflowers Near Perth

Can I pick wildflowers in Western Australia?

No. It’s illegal to remove any flora or fauna from any national park. It might not be illegal in other areas, but we recommend leaving them for others to enjoy!

When is the best time to see wildflowers in Western Australia and near Perth?

Between August and November is the best time.

How many species of wildflowers grow in Western Australia?

Western Australia is home to 8,000 plant species, many rare and threatened and over half you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.

What should I pack to go looking at wildflowers?

  • Sturdy enclosed shoes
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Water
  • Snacks and food

Does it cost money to hike in national parks in Western Australia?

Yes it often does. Park fees vary depending on where you travel, so you’re best to contact the local Visitor Centre for details.

Are dogs allowed at national parks in Western Australia?

In most cases no they are not. To be considerate of the native wildlife, it’s best to keep your dog home.

Do I need to use a car to get to these places?

Most of these places do not have easy access to public transport so you will need your own vehicle to get to them.


Feature photo by Jason Thomas