Come with us to Byron Bay, where we go to get ‘high’ on life and happiness; where shoes, bras and showering are optional and where drum circles and lighthouse walks are a part of daily life. Here’s a coupla secret spots which make the Shire even more tempting…as if it wasn’t good enough already!


  • Large, shady swimming hole at Killen Falls
  • Secluded beaches
  • Natural caves and rockpools
  • Uncrowded surf

Byron Bay

I don’t need to rubber arm you to go to Byron Bay because we all know why we go; to soak up the mesmerising surroundings of natural beauty and immerse ourselves in the unique culture. To live in a dream-like existence for as long as possible. Therefore, writing an article to inspire you to visit for the first time or again and again seems rather useless.

But, sometimes we can get so lost in that dream-like state that we don’t even think to explore further or deeper into what this breathtaking part of Australia has to offer.

We are #sorrynotsorry in advance for giving you another reason, or two, to pencil in a Byron trip.

Byron Bay // Caves, Waves & Waterfalls (NSW) Scout Hinchcliffe, whites-beach-caves-byron-bay, girl, cave, beach, black and white, hero whites-beach-broken-head, people, cave, ocean, beach

Killen Falls

Situated in the Byron Hinterland, twenty minutes south of Byron Bay, Killen Falls is a 10m waterfall that plunges in to a swimming hole surrounded by rainforest, rugged cliff edges and caves.

The short walk from the car park winds along a creek and through lush foliage before entering on to a platform that overlooks the waterfall and water hole.

Byron Bay // Caves, Waves & Waterfalls (NSW) Scout Hinchcliffe, killen-falls, waterfall, swimming hole

Whilst frolicking in the middle of the day would be ideal due to the insane hinterland water temperatures, the best time to visit is first thing in the morning so that you can potentially avoid the sometimes over-crowed waterfall arena.

Broken Head Nature Reserve

Accessed via Seven Mile Beach Road, just ten minutes drive south from the town centre, Broken Head Nature Reserve offers hypnotic views of the East Coast from steep rainforest slopes that meet secluded bays.

Pack a picnic and enjoy exploring this idyllic isolated Byron Bay destination. Enjoy the walk and views along the Three Sisters Walking Track and take one of the paths down to the bays where you will find natural caves, rock pools and uncrowded surf.

Byron Bay // Caves, Waves & Waterfalls (NSW) Scout Hinchcliffe, woman, hat, ocean, beach, sunset

Hot tip: park at the third car park along the gravel road and follow the path down to Whites Beach.

Proceed with caution though, as there are known to be more than a few ‘white pointers’ hanging out enjoying the pristine waters.

Essential Gear

  • Swimwear (optional)
  • Backpack full of tasty treats
  • Surfboards
  • Photography equipment
  • Suitable footwear
  • Something to pick your jaw up with


  • Bushwalking
  • Caves
  • Rock pools
  • Photography
  • Surfing
  • Dolphin/whale watching
  • Wild swimming

How To Get There

Broken Head Nature Reserve


Killen Falls

From the Pacific Highway take the exit to Tintenbar on Tamarind Drive and follow along until taking a right hand turn on to Friday Hut Road, then Killen Falls Drive. Super easy with Google Maps’ assistance.



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