At Minyon Falls you’re unlikely to find a bunch of yellow cylindrical creatures to do your bidding, but you’ll experience the immense power and beauty of 100 metres of falling water and have the chance to swim at the base of the falls.

Quick Overview

Minyon Falls has two trails to get to the waterfall, either a 4km or a 8km depending on where you start. It is a grade 3 hike located in the Nightcap National Park in New South Wales. The hike should take around 2 hours to complete but can last up to 3-4 hours if you walk the entire loop.


  • 100m high waterfall
  • Beautiful views out towards the coast
  • A swimming hole!
  • Great day trip from Brisbane, Gold Coast or Byron Bay!


linda dillenbeck minyon falls waterfall

Hiking to Minyon Falls

The hike to the base of Minyon Falls begins at the very top where you start off by taking in the view of the falls. On a clear day you can see all the way out to the coast. The 4km (one way) hike then heads off along the scribbly-gum clad ridgeline before dropping into the rainforest below.

After some rock-hopping/scrambling upstream you’ll find yourself at the base of this powerful cascade of water. It’s a perfect spot for a swim (but take care as the rocks can be slippery and if there’s a lot of water flowing it can be windy down there).


linda dillenbeck minyon falls waterfall

Picnic at Minyon Falls

If you’d like to picnic, head a little further down the creek to get away from the mist and wind created by the waterfall. Alternatively, there are picnic areas at the lookout and also at Minyon Grass Picnic Area with picnic tables and BBQ facilities.

Note: Check the weather before you visit the falls, as they might not be flowing strongly if you are visiting during a dry spell. The waterfall will be most impressive after a good dose of rain.


linda dillenbeck minyon falls view mountains

Turn Your Trip into a Weekender

If one day of waterfall swims isn’t enough, you can camp at the Rummery Park Campground and do it all again the next day! The campground lies approximately 2km from the lookout and lies in the Whian Whian Conservation area. It’s accessible by road and also via the Boggy Creek Walking Track from the Minyon Falls lookout. Bookings are required and can be made through the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services website.

Essential Gear

  • Shoes and clothing suitable for hiking and rock-hopping
  • Water (min 2L) and snacks, or a picnic too
  • Swimmers and a towel

How To Get There

Minyon Falls is located in Nightcap National Park off Minyon Falls Road. It’s about 1 hr 30 mins drive from the Gold Coast, a bit over 2 hours from Brisbane and about 45 mins west of Byron Bay. There’s no public transport to the falls.

Check out the Google map to get there.

Skill Level


Distance Covered / Elevation Gain

4km each way from Minyon Falls Lookout

2km each way from Minyon Grass Picnic Area


Feature photo by @patsuraseang