Saddle up and discover Perth’s mountain biking trails. These MTB trails will have your heart racing and your legs working!

5 Best Mountain Biking Trails Near Perth

Perth is fast-tracking its way to becoming Australia’s mountain bike capital. In recent years, the West Coast city has garnered a reputation among mountain biking enthusiasts for its scenic and diverse trails.

Local governments are getting in on the fun, too, investing heavily in the world’s fastest-growing outdoor activities by creating world-class MTB trails along the South West.

Whether making a gnarly descent in the Perth Hills or riding through enchanted forests in the south, there are trails to suit all skill sets and daredevils on two wheels.

Get ready to release the brakes and explore the best mountain biking trails near Perth with our fast-paced guide. Make sure to plan accordingly by checking with local rangers on track conditions and be equipped for Perth’s weather before you start pedalling.

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1. Kalamunda Trails

Where: Kalamunda
Trail type: Single track/cross country
Distance from Perth: 35km
Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced

Perth’s top mountain biking destination is undoubtedly Kalamunda.

The eastern neighbourhood is home to some of Perth’s best mountain bike trails, just a 40-minute drive from the Perth CBD to the Perth Hills.

In the Kalamunda trails network, you’ll find over 40km of singletrack suited to everyone from beginners to the bold and fearless.

With many trails to choose from, we recommend giving the Kalamunda Circuit a spin. The 20km loop is one to flex your tricks with log rollovers, jumps, ladders, and rock gardens along the popular MTB trail.

Depart from Camel Farm or Dell car park and be on your way.

Even if you’re new to fat tyres, Kalamunda is the perfect place to start your love affair with cross-country trails.


5 Best Mountain Bike Trails Near Perth Worth The Leg Power, Julia D'Orazio, photo credit: Mark Pybus ,The Life of Py

Photo thanks to The Life of Py


Want to try before you go down the rabbit hole of investing in a mountain bike? Bikes are available for hire at Kalamunda Cycles (in town), Rock and Roll Mountain Biking (Camelfarm), and Munda Biddi Bike Hire (Helena Valley).

For more information on other trails, head to Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective or the Perth Hills Visitor Centre.

2. Railway Reserves Heritage Trail

Where: Stoneville
Trail type: Dual track
Distance from Perth: 33km
Difficulty: Easy – Medium

Mix a history lesson with cheap thrills along the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail.

The 41km trail follows the route of the former Eastern Railway on a flat gravel track. The trail traverses through multiple suburbs in the Perth Hills, including Mundaring – its most popular entry point. Scenic sights along the way include John Forest National Park, Mundaring Sculpture Park, Goldfields Pipeline, waterfalls, and the ride through a disused railway tunnel.

There are also pubs and wineries along the way if you’re wanting to regain the calories from conquering one of the top trails in Perth – just saying.

3. Munda Biddi Trail

Where: Mundaring to Albany
Trail type: Cross country
Distance from Perth: 35km
Difficulty: Challenging

There are plenty of good reasons why the Munda Biddi Trail is one of National Geographic’s top cycle routes in the world.

Translating to ‘path through the forest’ in the local Noongar language, the Munda Bindi Trail stretches over 1000km from Mundaring to Albany in the South West.


The bike trail officially starts at Sculpture Park in Mundaring, then winds along bush tracks, firebreaks, and former railways while passing through pristine environments that read out like nature bingo – the Darling Range, eucalypt forests, granite outcrops, coastal sceneries, and wetlands, to name a few. In short: it’s one scenic ride.

Keen to give it a go? Make space in the calendar as it’s estimated to take three to four weeks to complete the trail. Stay in the 12 purpose-built shelters along the way, mingle with locals in charming towns or pitch a tent in the cycle-friendly campsites every 35-40km between towns.

On your cycling adventure, appreciate the region’s heritage and local Indigenous culture and get a taste for another South West allure – wineries. Now that’s one way to refuel and recharge!

If time’s not on your side or you don’t have the leg power to finish the Munda Biddi Trail, you can blitz a portion of the legendary track with multiple entry points en route.

Closer to Perth, go on the Kalamunda Camikazi and Munda Biddi Loop. The mountain bike trail is most suited to advanced riders, with the 16.9km blue trail loop passing through Beelu National Park. Just watch out for runners!

Wanting a fresh challenge? Consider partaking in the South West’s Cape to Cape racing series – Australia’s largest and longest running four day MTB stage race.

4. Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park

Where: Greenmount
Trail type: Cross country
Distance from Perth: 22km
Difficulty: Easy to difficult

Hop on your bike at Perth’s designated MTB trails park.

Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park is a place for all types of pedal pushers, with over 20km of mountain bike trails to suit beginners to pros. Hone your twists, turns, and airborne manoeuvres with jump trails, cross-country, and downhill tracks ranging from easy to extreme.

For experienced mountain bikers, try your luck with Lucky 13 – classed as a difficult trail for its long sweeping turns, jumps, and drops.

With the park easily accessible from Midland Train Station, Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park is a top choice for practising techniques. All the more reason to head for the Perth Hills.

5. Lake Leschenaultia

Where: Chidlow
Trail type: Cross country
Distance from Perth: 48km
Difficulty: Beginners – intermediate

Lake Leschenaultia is one of the newest mountain bike trails near Perth delivering the goods.

The custom-built MTB trails cover roughly 12km across nine courses, spanning from 540m to 1.9km. The trails allow mountain bikers to work their leg muscles with technical climbs and downhill trails ranging from 50m, ladders, and flow trails at their peril.

Experienced riders can perform mad skills in the sky by attempting dirt jumps in Chidlow. And once you’ve worked up a sweat, reward your efforts with a dip in the lake – how refreshing!


FAQs Mountain Bike Trails Near Perth

Where can I mountain bike in Perth?

There are many places to mountain bike in Perth with the most popular region being the Perth Hills.

Which state in Australia has the best MTB trails?

MTB is growing in popularity across all states, particularly in Western Australia with local governments investing heavily in MTB trails.

Can you cycle at Bells Rapids?

Yes – there are 13 mountain bike trails at Bell Rapids however riders must exercise caution.


Feature photo thanks to Western Australia Tourism