Rock climbing and bouldering are excellent ways to not only work your body but throw in some brain training as well. With a great selection of indoor climbing and bouldering gyms in Brisbane, there’s no excuse not to give it a go.

For beginners, indoor gyms are an easy and inexpensive way to get into climbing. You’ll have experts on hand to talk you through the techniques and equipment. Plus you can hire all the gear you need (shoes, and a harness if you’re rock climbing). 

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For seasoned climbers, these gyms are the place to work on your climbing techniques and broaden your social circle. Head for the climbing walls to boost your endurance and stamina, or if you want a more intense workout, bouldering could hold the problems you’re looking for!

Okay, puns aside, here’s our pick of the best bouldering and climbing gyms in Brisbane.

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1. Urban Xtreme

Location: Hendra
Cost: $20 casual climbing pass

As the name suggests, Urban Xtreme is anything but boring. It’s the newest indoor rock climbing centre in Brisbane and they’ve kitted the place out with top rope and lead rope climbing – plus campus boards and speed walls.

While that all may seem a bit intimidating for the uninitiated, they cater to beginners with qualified instructors on hand and auto-belay systems if you’re climbing on your own. Beyond rock climbing, Urban Xtreme also has an adventure park with activities such as parkour, Ninja courses, dodgeball, and laser tag. You can purchase a Climb and Adventure pass to try it all.

2. Urban Climb

Location: Westend, Milton & Newstead
Cost: $30casual entry

Urban Climb has three locations across Brisbane and they put a big focus on building a community at their gyms. Not only will you find a variety of challenging climbs, but a positive, inclusive environment in which to try them all.

West End has over 160 routes, with top rope and lead rope climbing, and auto-belay systems. To take on the shorter walls, hit up the Urban Climb bouldering gyms in Milton or Newstead. All three locations feature onsite gyms and yoga classes so you can boost your strength and flexibility – and see it translate into your climbing.


Photo thanks to Urban Climb

3. 9 Degrees Bouldering

Location: Enoggera
Cost: $23 casual pass

Brisbane’s dedicated bouldering gym 9 Degrees Bouldering is the place to test yourself on the shorter walls and be a part of some sweet community vibes. The team at 9 Degrees aim to provide an inclusive and welcoming space – and a bouldering challenge to boot.

Each week they set up 20-25 new boulders to keep you physically and mentally engaged – and keep you coming back for more! If bouldering’s your jam, this gym’s going to have you building your strength, improving your performance on the wall and no doubt making some great connections along the way.

4. Crank Indoor Climbing

Location: MacGregor
Cost: $22 casual pass

If you’re looking for a place to really push your physical limits and test out your strength Crank is going to do both. It has a variety of ever-changing wall climbs, including a 22 metre bouldering wall and 65 roped wall climbs.

It also has parkour and Ninja Warrior courses. If you want to unleash your inner beast, this is the place. Test out your strength and agility across the climbing and physical challenge courses and you’ll be working muscles you didn’t even know you had.


Photo thanks to Crank

5. Rocksports

Location: Fortitude Valley
Cost: $22 day pass

Brisbane’s original climbing gym Rocksports has been crafting climbers in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley since 1996. Built-in a restored warehouse, it caters to those wanting their fix of both rock climbing and bouldering. Plus there’s no time limit on the casual pass, so you can spend the whole day there if you want – there’s over 100 different climbs!

Once you’ve got your climbing groove on at the indoor site, the Rocksports team can take you on an outdoor adventure with their climbing tours near Brisbane.

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6. Riverlife Rock Climbing Adventures

Location: Kangaroo Point
Cost: $79 per person 

Ok you got us – Riverlife is not an indoor climbing gym! But for rock climbing in Brisbane, there’s nowhere more iconic than the Kangaroo Point cliffs. For a climbing adventure with a qualified instructor, book in a daytime or twilight session and you’ll spend two hours climbing and belaying, and be rewarded with excellent city views from the top.

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Brisbane Climbing & Bouldering FAQs

Is climbing good for fitness?

Yes! Climbing is great for getting fit. It’s a mix of cardio and strength which makes it a well-balanced workout

Why is climbing so expensive?

The main reason climbing gyms are so expensive is upkeep and maintenance. The equipment in a rock climbing gym, such as lead routes, wall structures, holds, crash-pads, etc., is not only expensive but requires timely upkeep as well

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