Bouldering and rock climbing in Melbourne is never going to be boring. In a city that likes things a little bit quirky – climbing has taken the same route. (Yep. Pun intended.) 


The Best Bouldering and Climbing Gyms in Melbourne:

Hit up these bouldering and climbing gyms in Melbourne and you’ll find some sweet tunes, welcoming community vibes, and physical challenges to boot. Hell, there’s even a giant beanstalk thrown in for good measure. 

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Best Bouldering Gyms

1. The Lactic Factory + Northside Boulders

Location: Abbotsford + Brunswick and Northcote
Cost: $23 casual entry


lactic factory, The Best Bouldering Gyms in Melbourne

Photo thanks to Northside Boulders


Northside Boulders is a trio of indoor bouldering gyms offering you some excellent climbing and community vibes across Melbourne’s northern suburbs. The Lactic Factory was Melbourne’s first dedicated bouldering gym and is still putting climbers to the test in the city.

Together with the sister gyms in Brunswick and Northcote the emphasis is on quality bouldering routes that will challenge beginner and experienced climbers alike. 

2. The Crux

Location: Coburg North
Cost: $22 casual entry

The crux of The Crux is people. The gym exists to connect like-minded individuals to a community they can thrive in. As well as your standard  hangboards and weights area, they also provide social events such as yoga calsses and encorage climbers to stick around for a coffee after their session.


Photo thanks to The Crux

3. Urban Climb

Location: Collingwood
Cost: $24 casual day pass

Urban Climb bouldering gym in Collingwood is a climbers haven. Set up in an old furniture warehouse just north of the city, it’s the largest bouldering space in Melbourne. Their crafty team resets the boulder problems each week – keeping you coming back for more!

There’s a downstairs training space to get your muscle on and yoga classes to get you limbered up and ready to climb.


4. Boulder Lab

Location: Ferntree Gully
Cost: $22 day pass

Out in Melbourne’s east, the Boulder Lab is serving up a whole lot of climbing across 700m² of wall space. The light and bright indoor gym includes a Comp Wall that’s just shy of 37 metres long, plus two training areas – one regular gym with hangboards, weights and traditional equipment – and one dedicated climber’s gym with a concept board, campus board and more.

5. Boulder Project

Location: Prahran
Cost: $17 -$22 casual session

If the social vibe and music culture of Prahran is up your alley, just throw in some climbing and you’ve got the Boulder Project. This bouldering gym in Melbourne’s inner-south is ready to welcome you with some sweet tunes and a great community vibe.

As well as providing a place for climbers of all abilities to work up a sweat, they’ve incorporated the social, fitness and music culture of the local area into their gym. 

6. BlocHaus

Location: Port Melbourne
Cost: $24 day pass


blochaus, The Best Bouldering Gyms in Melbourne

Photo thanks to BlocHause


Just minutes from Melbourne’s city centre, you can get your bouldering vibe on at BlocHaus. There’s over 850m² of bouldering walls as well as a fitness training area and climbing training area. You can test your balance on the slackline or join in one of their fitness classes.

Plus it’s not a proper Melbourne gym without coffee – so when you’re feeling spent, relax with a brew at their in-house cafe. (We know, very French!)

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Best Rock Climbing Gyms

7. Hardrock Climbing

Location: Melbourne CBD
Cost: $22 casual pass (not including gear)


hardrock, The Best climbing Gyms in Melbourne

Photo thanks to Hardrock Climbing


Smack bang in the city centre, it’s easy to get distracted on the walls at Hardrock Climbing. Situated above Swanston Street, the windows look out to the intersection below with a whole lot of people-watching to be done as you climb.

For avid climbers Hardrock has over 100 routes to try, with grades from 6-30. There’s top rope climbing on offer as well as auto-belay systems for solo session. Big plus: they cater to beginners with introductory courses to get you up onto the walls.

9. Gravity Worx

Location: Pascoe Vale
Cost: $24 casual pass

If you’re wanting to progress your climbing, Gravity Worx may just be the place to do it. They offer top rope and lead rope climbing on over 50 different routes. They also have a speed climbing wall and are one of the only places in Melbourne that hosts speed climbing competitions (there’s still a bit of time to make your Olympic bid!).

You can also tap into their youth and adult development squads to improve your climbing and meet some like-minded souls.

11. Urban Climb Blackburn

Location: Blackburn
Cost: $24 casual day pass

This new addition to the Melbourne climbing scene is a must-visit for anyone into climbing. The gym features 17m rope climbing walls, a boulder hall, and the only three-lane speed wall in Australia. Plus, it has an area with gym equipment for strength training, runs yoga classes, has a coffee cart, and to top it all off, a 20-person sauna!

Urban Climb also run a tonne of events including climbing clinics and regular meet-ups. For a gym that has just about everything you could want for an epic day or regular training, check out Urban Climb in Blackburn.


Photo thanks to Urban Climb Blackburn

11. Funtopia

Location: Maribyrnong
Cost: $21 climbing entry


funtopia, The Best climbing Gyms in Melbourne

Photo thanks to Funtopia Maribyrnong


One for the kids – Funtopia is an indoor adventure park with oodles of climbing to be done. Kids can unleash their energy on 40 interactive climbing walls including a giant beanstalk which winds right up to the ceiling. When they’ve had enough of climbing send them into the huge playground with mazes, ball pits and slides – it’ll keep them entertained for hours (and hopefully run down their batteries!).

12. Bayside Rock

Location: Carrum Downs
Cost: $20 top rope climbing pass (1 hour)


bayside, The Best climbing Gyms in Melbourne

Photo thanks to Bayside Rock


In Melbourne’s south-east Bayside Rock is the place to head for some seriously fun climbing – this climbing gym is huge! Test your skills with some top rope climbing and head to the bouldering section if you want to give the shorter walls a go. For under 13s there’s a child-friendly area that has 25 automated climbing stations, meaning kids can take to the walls at their own pace and with the safety of the auto-belay system.

13. Activate by Hardrock

Location: Heatherton
Cost: $32 Climb and Cave pass

Activate by Hardrock has a Clip and Climb area with 30 different climbing challenges designed to test your problem solving skills. When you’ve had enough climbing, take to Melbourne’s only indoor caving experience, where you can scramble, squeeze and slide through 85 metres of artificial cave, with just the light of your head torch to guide you. 

Get Climbing!

There you have it – a kaleidoscope of climbing challenges spread across the city. If you’re after some indoor entertainment with physical and mental challenges thrown in seek out one of these great climbing gyms in Melbourne.

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Melbourne Climbing Gyms FAQs

What is the tallest climbing wall in Melbourne?

Cliffhanger Climbing Gym has the tallest wall not only in Melbourne, but in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s 20m high.

Is climbing good for fitness?

Yes! Climbing is great for getting fit. It’s a mix of cardio and strength which makes it a well balanced workout.

Why is climbing so expensive?

The main reason climbing gyms are so expensive is upkeep and maintenance. The equipment in a rock climbing gym, such as lead routes, wall structures, holds, crash-pads, etc., is not only expensive but requires timely upkeep as well.

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