Whether you turn left or right out of the Melbourne grid, you’re making the right choice for a secluded beach escape.



To the left, you have winding roads that curl through to the coastal shores of The Great Ocean Road. Or put the blinker on to turn right, and you’ll walk onto beaches where your feet will make the sand squeak!

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Either way, you will find a beach, a campsite and one hell of a microadventure waiting for you in your own ‘beach-yard’.

Lorne To The Otways

It’s where the little nippers and the surfers hang out in the waves, a modern town that not only does the best burgers in Victoria (Check out The Bottle of Milk and order the ‘Cold Shower’, the breakfast burger, before putting your big toe in the water) but you’ll be sure to get your surf legs in too. If you didn’t pack your own board, try ‘Go Ride A Wave’ surf school to hit the whitecaps with the pros of Lorne’s front beach.

Pack the board into the camper van and head straight on to The Otways but be sure to stop at Wye River and Skenes Creek to breathe in the fern-fresh air.

Triplet Falls is where you are heading, with trees that are over 200 years old. Relax within the forest moss and take in the majestic falls.


8 Ridiculously Beautiful Victorian Waterfalls To Chase This Summer Pat Corden Triplet Falls, slide, waterfall, cascade, swimmer, man, rocks, hero

Photo by Pat Corden


If you’ve got some fuel left in the tank, grab the boogie board and catch some clean waves at Torquay’s coastal beach.

Wilsons Promontory

Wilson’s Promontory is where you’ll find vistas of pink granite boulder mountains, blue water and white sand that squeals. It’s the camper, the bushwalker and the beach-er’s perfect getaway.

Book ahead to get a campsite or just wing it and walk through to Sealers Cove or Norman Beach and set up shop in an allocated camp area. If you think that’s just something else, make sure you get up early to see the sunrise over the turquoise water before taking a decent walk to the famous Squeaky Beach.


Photos by Jonathan Tan


Be sure not to mistake the squeaks for birds chirping at Squeaky Beach! A vast landscape of contrasting coastal bushes and white. Baby soft sand will leave you with pedicured feet. If you packed lunch, now is the time to pull it out, bring out the towel, sit down, relax on the sand and enjoy the serenity of Wilsons Promontory.

*Be sure to check where you can set up camp in the National Parks before heading off on one of these beach escapes from Melbourne.

Feature photo by Pat Corden