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7 Best Waterfall Hikes Near Brisbane

Prolific Explorer Lisa Owen has been scouring the Queensland countryside in search of waterfalls and boy did she find some beauties. Check out her seven favourite waterfall hikes near Brisbane. Put your hand up if you love a waterfall! Let’s b... Read More...
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Top 5 Challenging Hikes Near Brisbane

Raise your hand if you’re up for a challenge! Only two hours drive from Brisbane there are dozens of hard trails that will get your heart pumping, your feet muddy, and your knees begging for mercy. Let our Explorer Lisa Owen be your guide to our top ... Read More...

Lisa Owen

Featured Explorer

Lisa is a passionate adventurer, hiker, nomad and writer. A public relations professional and travel blogger Monday to Friday, but by the time the weekend rolls around, Lisa ditches the corporate world for her hiking boots and sets out to discover the best off track trails across Queensland and New South Wales.