Don’t have the whole day but are dying for a dip? Our Jacquie’s, got you covered with these four Brisbane swimming holes that are super close to the city.

I absolutely love wild swimming. Finding those secluded waterholes or waterfalls to wash off the sweat started back in my uni days, when I was poor. So, it became part of my mission to discover as many as I could to have a fresh swim in. Our backyard (Australia) is bloody brilliant and free stuff is also great! Here are 4 of my favourites that are a stone’s throw away from the Brisbane CBD.

All wild places deserve respect. Remember to practice the principles of leave no trace and bring a rubbish bag to hike it out.

# 1 Cedar Creek Falls
  • 45mins from Brisbane CBD
  • 15 mins easy rock hopping
  • Dog friendly

Cedar Creek Falls


If you live on Brisbane’s north side you are no more than 20-30 minutes from a cracking waterfall and swimming hole that will wash away the gross humidity sweat.

Located near Samford, Cedar Creek Falls is an awesome Brisbane swimming hole (and picnic spot). It’s also a great spot to take your furry friend. As soon as you park the car you walk down to the creek and rock-hop all the way upstream to the waterfall. It takes about 20 minutes, depending on your speed and how often you stop.

There are waterholes big enough to swim in the whole way up. But keep going till you reach the monster fall. There’s a sign with Cedar Creek spray painted on it, so you can’t miss it.


Map Location
# 2 Enoggera Reservoir
  • 20mins from Brisbane CBD
  • 200m from carpark

5 Brisbane Swimming Holes Super Close To The City, Jacquie Tapsall, Enoggera Reservoir, glassy water, reflection, trees, beach, inviting

This is probably the most popular spot on our list of Brisbane swimming holes as it’s suitable for anyone and everyone. There are plenty of people swimming, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and picnicking at this spot. However, if you feel there is nothing worse than crowds or you just want to enjoy a peaceful swim, my recommendation on the map below will take you to a secluded and quieter spot on this reservoir.


Map Location
# 3 Bunya Crossing Reserve
  • 20 mins from Brisbane CBD
  • Carpark located at waterhole
  • All-animal friendly

5 Brisbane Swimming Holes Super Close To The City, Jacquie Tapsall, Bunya Crossing Reserve, river, creek, trees, glassy water, reflection

This spot seems to be a bit of local secret, which made it really enjoyable to swim at. Families to teenage friend groups were enjoying lying next to the waterhole, swimming in it and flying off the rope swing. Not only were people enjoying the water but so were dogs and a horse.


Map Location
# 4 Northbrook Gorge
  • 1 hour from city
  • 2km from car

5 Brisbane Swimming Holes Super Close To The City, Jacquie Tapsall, Northbrook Gorge, rocks, water, creek

This is such a beautiful waterhole to cool down in. It’s not very well known and you could blink and miss the path so instead of talking too much about how amazing it is I thought some detailed directions would be better.

As you come down Mt Glorious, turn right into a gravel area (exact location on the map below). From there you walk down the sloping road for 100m and go over the metal barrier where you’ll come across a worn-in path. It’s a pretty steep decline for a couple of hundred meters, then you will hit the creek bed. From there go upstream for about 20-30 mins.

Along the way you will need to wade through some of the creek, so I recommend having a dry bag for your belongings if you don’t want them to get wet. There are a couple of beautiful waterholes along the way, but the best one is tucked in a gorge with a little waterfall flowing. This is a great location to get away from stinking hot day.


Map Location
More Brisbane Swimming Holes

Swimming holes that are easy to access from the CBD are great, but if you don’t mind venturing a little further check out our list of more adventurous Brisbane swimming holes here!