There’s more to Wattamolla than meets the eye. You’ll find six layers of waterfalls before reaching a magical, icy lagoon at the bottom. Definitely worth the extra climb down.


  • Being able to hear the waterfalls for ages before you can see them; building anticipation!
  • Walking down past the weir and seeing the valley open up in front of you
  • Getting to the edge of the cliff for the best view of the valley and realising there are 6 layers of waterfalls before a lagoon at the bottom!

The Lowdown

Once you’ve picked up your parking permit from the Bundeena park centre (a whole $11 for one of the best afternoons of your year) it’s a short 20 minute drive through the picturesque Royal National Park before you reach Wattamolla. An area which requires an entry in itself; boasting a 6m jump rock (which is “banned”, yet finding a park on a Sunday is a Herculean effort), a lagoon, a beach, and if you’re more in the know, waterfalls!

After a 10 to 15 minute walk from behind the Jump Rock at Wattamolla, along a fairly easy path to trek, you’ll arrive at the highest point of the falls. I had a brief chat to an older couple at the top of the falls, who lamented they were too old these days to get to the bottom.

One of the best things about these hikes is you can always find some cool people to talk to on the way; the other outcome you have the whole spot to yourself! Win-win really. So I slowly made my way down each of the six levels, taking photos along the way, before I made it to the second-last level, before I turned around to take the shot pictured. What a view!

Wattamolla Lachy JF Royal National Park NSW

I’ll definitely be returning in summer some time to take a dip in the lagoon at the bottom level. As it’s winter, the views were enough for the day.

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Essential Gear

  • Shoes comfortable enough to walk in
  • Bottle of water

How To Get There

Drive to Wattamolla and walk down from the car park to the fenced off jump rock. Instead of jumping the fence, look to your left and you’ll see some running water and a tucked away path. Walk down the path, and you’ll find the top level of the falls!


  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Photography

** Remember to always check out conditions and National Parks info and warnings before heading out. We don’t necessarily condone rock-jumping, but if you are doing it… make sure you’re safe. Check the landing depth and that there are no objects nearby, that the takeoff point is stable and not slippery, and that there are no people beneath you. But again, we don’t condone rock-jumping.

Skill Level


Distance Covered

1-2km walk, again, not sure of the inclination. There’s a hill up to the falls and most of the walk is uphill though. I’ve seen seniors walk it though so it’s not too intense.


Let’s explore the Royal National Park together

Whale Bonanza In The Royal National Park // Wattamolla (NSW)

The Coast Track // Royal National Park (NSW)

The Jibbon Track // Royal National Park (NSW)

Off Track in the Royal National Park (NSW)