Pop the organic bubbly and toast to putting the planet and people over profit – we’ve officially recertified our B Corp status!


Back in 2020, We Are Explorers was the first Aussie-owned publisher to officially become a ‘Benefit For All’ Corporation AKA a B Corp (ain’t that just the most wholesome name?). And we’ve just kicked off what will become a huge 2024 by recertifying our status and upping our overall score by 13 points! That’s right, you’re reading from a publication that scored 94.2/100 (that’s a HD Mum). 

Our small but mighty team comprises of ten full-time staff alongside a few part-timers, and we’re all super proud to rep the B Corp status!

It puts us in cahoots with the big dogs like Patagonia and Kathmandu, as well as some of our more local mates like Stone and Wood, Zorali, Wild Earth, and Heaps Normal. We’ve got a secret club :wink:

What the heck is a B Corp?

In essence, a B Corp is a company that’s proven it’s working hard to balance profit with purpose and is using its business as a force for good. But it’s not an easy thing to prove (and even harder to actually do).

For a company to gain B Corp status, it must go through a lengthy assessment of the entire business that digs into five main areas: 

  • Governance
  • Workers
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Customers 

The process can take a whole year to complete and companies have to score 80 or higher to qualify. 


We’re Looking for a Freelance Digital Content & Campaign Producer To Join Our Team! Photo by @jackjbrookes, Barnard Island Group National Park, QLD, Cairns, WAE team trip, kayak

Team bonding trip to FNQ = high satisfaction rate | @jackjbrookes

What has We Are Explorers done to gain B Corp status?

Some of the strongest pillars at We Are Explorers are our connection and commitment to our community and the environment. 

Since becoming a B Corp in 2020, we’ve run two crowdfunding campaigns, Rewild The Snowies and Underwater Forest Project, both of which saw us mobilise the We Are Explorers community to raise tens of thousands of dollars to help replant natural habitat in the Snowy Mountains and the underwater kelp forests of Sydney’s coastline. 


1,000 Trees Finally in The Ground for Rewild The Snowies!, Jono Tan, friends, group, people, planting day

Planting 1000 native trees for Rewild The Snowies! | @thetantrap


During the lead-up to the 2023 federal election, we ran Put the Planet First, an editorial campaign educating our audience about the environmental issues at play in the election and encouraging them (ehm, you) to make the environment and climate change their number one electoral issue.

Currently, we’re showcasing the grassroots environmental movements across Australia through our video series, Act Local, in partnership with YouTube.

As much as we’re sitting at laptops and coming to you through the magic of the world wide web, we’re also out there on the ground and in the wild, capturing the stories that inspire you to make a difference, and organising opportunities for you to put it into action.

So here’s cheers to you! Thanks for being a part of the adventure-frothing, planet-nurturing, mate-making Explorer community and for riding this wave with us!

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