The Underwater Forest Project

We're reforesting Sydney's seas but we need your help.

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Operation Crayweed main background

As you move through your world exploring, discovering...

You may not even realise how connected we are with an unseen world below us...

or how much we depend on it.

But it's there.


the surface.

A spectacular underwater forest teeming with life...

A magical, wonderous world supporting entire ecosystems.

Just like trees on the land, seaweeds form vast underwater forests that underpin coastal food webs, all while quietly capturing atmospheric carbon and producing precious oxygen.

There's no other way to put it, our underwater forests are the foundations of biodiversity on coastal rocky reefs.

Since the 1980s, 70km of Sydney's underwater crayweed forests have disappeared and crayweed is on the verge of local extinction.

Let's do something about it!

We’re teaming up with Operation Crayweed to support the restoration of 70km of lost crayweed forests along Sydney’s coastline. Our goal is to restore a new site by planting 20m2 of crayweed in plots that become self-sustaining and expand to about 400m² in 2 years and 4000m² in 6 years.

The Problem

Missing: 70km of underwater forest!

Crayweed once formed dense beds on shallow reefs providing habitat along the Sydney coastline, but sometime during the 1980s it all disappeared!

The Solution

Seaweed Sex!

Replanting crayweed so that it reproduces, and permanently attaches to the reef, forming a new, self-sustaining population.


This is where you come in!

$42,000 will fund the planting of a productive crayweed site that will support the restoration of crayweed forests along the entire Sydney coastline.

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We’re Reforesting Sydney’s Seas! – But We Need Your Help

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