Kathmandu has just become the biggest business in Australia and New Zealand to join the B Corp Movement. 

How bloody good. 

If you haven’t heard, the B Corp Movement was started by non-for-profit organisation B Lab, to encourage businesses to think about their impact on society, the environment and economics – not just their bottom line. 

The B Corp Movement believes that the business community can become a part of the solution to the many complex global issues we’re facing, (rather than the cause of them) and that in order to achieve true change, they pretty much have to. Governments and not-for-profits can’t do it alone. 

We’re striking for climate this Friday: come join us.

Reaching B Corp status is like gaining the Blue Tick of verification on Instagram, but for the important stuff. To become a certified B Corp business, you have to jump through a tonne of hoops – public transparency, legal accountability, third-party verified performance. Each business is meticulously examined to assess its impact on workers, customers, community and the environment. B Corp businesses use their profits to benefit the wider community, rather than their hip-pockets. 

‘Sustainability is part of Kathmandu’s DNA…Acting to improve the health of our planet has been integral to our entire operation, from our supply chain to our materials, products and our operational footprint.’ says Kathmandu CEO, Xavier Simonet.

Photo by Greer Knight

So if a company is B Corp, you know they’re legit. You can spend your money with them, knowing that it’s going to a good place, making a positive impact on people’s lives and helping the environment. Winner!

Kathmandu joins a ripper group of B Corp businesses, including Patagonia, BioPak, Australian Ethical, Koala Mattresses and 4 Pines Brewing Co. 

Read about B-Corps in Byron: Would You Like Change With That?


Feature photo by Rachel Dimond | @wanderer_rachel

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