We’re proud as punch to announce that We Are Explorers have joined the next generation of impact companies – we’re now officially a B Corp, baby!

What the heck is a B Corp?

Last month we officially joined the B Corp movement.

‘Onya!’ I hear you say.

‘WTF’s a B Corp?’ then tends to follow.

Certified B Corps balance profit with purpose, using their business as a force for good. It’s essentially our commitment to ensuring everything we do is for the betterment of those around us – the environment, our staff, our clients and of course our passionate community (yeah, you!).

We’re joining the ranks of companies that officially care; including Patagonia, Kathmandu and Intrepid Travel. Safe to say, we’re proud of this achievement, it highlights how strongly we feel about growing a community that builds a more sustainable and inclusive economy.

Making a profit is absolutely fine, but failing to consider how our work impacts the world is not.

Who knows, there may even be a secret handshake, but we’re yet to be advised. Until then, I’ll continue to give fellow B-Corpers an awkward palm tickle and enjoy a puzzled stare.

The Process

I enjoy assessments as much as an accidental gulp of rotten milk, but this one was different.

The eight-month process was a deep dive into the fibre of our business and how it impacts five key areas: workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

The assessment is revealing – it forced me to put We Are Explorers in front of a mirror and ponder every single thing we do and why.

We had to hit a minimum verified score and it’s far from easy to attain: questionnaires, rigorous interviews, exhaustive evidence gathering, the works. And we’ve gotta jump back in every three years to make sure our standards aren’t slipping too.

So what does becoming a certified B Corp actually mean?

We exist to inspire Australians to spend more time outdoors and, in turn, become ambassadors for our natural world. From starting as a blog in 2014 this underlying purpose has been bubbling from our core like chilli in a dutch oven, and we’ve pulled off some wildly successful initiatives that bring this purpose to life. My favourite? Crowdfunding $30,000 to buy and protect a hectare of the Daintree Rainforest.

We’re far from perfect though, and we still have a way to go when it comes to inclusivity, responsible tourism and sharing Indigenous voices. We can always do more to help reverse climate change too (but we do have a ridiculously exciting project in the works here).

What’s important is the B Corp pledge to constantly strive to be the best damn business we can, promising to play our part in creating a future we can all be excited about.

The last six years have been a wild ride and a huge learning experience for me in every way. I’m personally driven by a desire to create something that makes each of us happier and more empathetic, including myself.

I’m stoked to be one of the first media companies in Australia to gain this certification and to join a cohort of over 3,000 B Corps around the world who are doing business the right way.


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