Watsons Crags in Kosciuszko National Park is a snow chaser’s winter wonderland, with limitless places to pitch a tent for the experienced navigator. Even if you aren’t climbing or skiing, Watsons is a perfect overnight snowshoe to check out Australia’s alpine backcountry away from the crowded resorts.

Quick Overview

Watsons Crags is a snow-covered mountain face located in the Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales that offers climbing and skiing adventures. A 20km return trip including climbing and skiing should last around 11 hours.



  • Views of the main range and snowy river
  • More of a challenge than in summer
  • Access to technical alpine terrain

Australia’s Best Mountain Face

‘It actually looks like real mountains.’

This was the only brief I needed from my mate Dan as we unloaded the car, eager to make our way to Watsons Crags.

All I can say is Dan was not wrong, Watsons is a beautiful area, with climbable ice and rock routes, panoramic views and for those who are game enough Watsons is also skiable.


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The 9km walk-in/ski-in (dependent on snow cover) to Watsons is worth the trip itself. It starts from Guthega carpark, crossing the beautiful snowy river, and makes its way past Mt Twynam and the awesome views which surround it.

In favourable conditions, you can pitch a tent pretty much anywhere and the views won’t disappoint. The camping will be on snow and will be cold (duh) so follow these simple tips to stay warm through the nights.

Backcountry Immersion

There is no track for most of the way so off-trail navigation experience is needed to get to Watsons.

Ensure that you are well-prepared for whichever activity you plan to do out there, whether it be skiing (avalanche awareness is essential); rock/ice climbing (do you have all the right gear and know-how to use it well?); or any other activity.

If you’re not experienced, bring someone else who is. Pack all the safety essentials and ensure you know how to use them.

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Essential Gear

How To Get There

From Jindabyne follow the signs to Perisher Snow Resort, turning right at the Guthega turn-off to the carpark.

Skill Level


Distance Covered

20km return

Feature photo by @Ben.Savage