Come summer time, Perth gets hot. Luckily, by our own admission, we have some pretty amazing beaches to cool down in. Even better, they provide the perfect venue for some awesome aquatic adventures.

Best Activities For… Wind Fanatics

Kitesurfing is hands down, Perth’s number one summertime activity. I may be biased, but Perth is after all one of the windiest cities in the world, so anything that makes the most of the howling afternoon sea breeze is a winner.

The wide sandy beaches and consistent southerlies give us plenty of kitesurfing spots to choose from all along the coastline. For awesome flat water conditions, look no further than Woodies or The Pond.

If you do kite here though, you better come with a bag of tricks as you’ll be mixing it up with some of the world’s top freestylers. If you’re chasing waves, you’ll find them along the coastline from City Beach to Trigg.


Best Activities For … Hikers

Think of Stand Up Paddling (SUP) as the aquatic version of hiking. Health benefits aside, it’s a great way to connect with the sights and sounds of nature and have fun while you’re at it. Perth has plenty of spots to explore on both the ocean and river.

One of the most scenic locations to have a paddle is Shoalwater Marine Park. Here you can paddle amongst sea lions, have a good chance of encountering a pod of dolphins or manta rays, and spot plenty of birdlife. Don’t forget that unlike hiking, you can jump in and cool off anytime you want!


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Best Activities For… Surfers

Okay, so the summer months aren’t exactly the time when the Indian Ocean throws up a monster swell, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a surf and catch a few waves – even if they’re on the smaller side.

For the most reliable summer waves, Trigg and Scarborough Beach are your best bet. You may have to fend off the crowds who came with the same idea, but I reckon it’s still better than sitting on the beach. Once you’re done, head across the road to Yelo Cafe for your morning latte fix.


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Best Activities For… Underwater Lovers

When you just want to jump in the water and stay there, a snorkelling adventure is just what the doctor ordered. In the northern suburbs, there’s plenty to see around the reefs at Marmion Marine Park. Further south, explore the little- known Omeo shipwreck. Sunk in 1905, the partially submerged wreck lies just 25m off the coast near Port Coogee and makes for a cool escapade –literally.


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Best Activities For… Swimmers

There’s no shortage of swimming beaches around Perth’s coast. In fact, you have almost 200 km of pristine coastline with picture perfect beaches to discover.

However, if you want to escape sand and the damn wind (see above), then try a rockpool instead. One of the best places to hit for that is Serpentine National Park, where you can swim amongst one of Perth’s most picturesque waterfalls, surrounded by natural bush.



Last piece of advice: You’ll need a good dose of sunscreen for all of these activities, but you already knew that!