Wambelong Nature walking track in Warrumbungle National Park is a short, but incredibly sweet, wander along creeks and through undisturbed countryside. 


  • Bursting with wildflowers in spring
  • Catch kangaroos drinking from tranquil creeks 
  • Gain close up views of Belougery Split Rock

Wandering Along The Wambelong

There are more walks in Warrumbungle National Park than you can poke a hiking stick at. The 1km Wambelong Nature loop is the perfect way to start your morning and get your legs warmed up for a big day of hiking. 

The walk starts and ends at Canyon picnic area, which is one of the better breakfast spots I’ve been to. Follow the meandering path as it leaves the more manicured picnic area and meets the gently bubbling stream. 

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Rock-hop across the stream and up onto the ridge of the opposite bank. A few surprisingly spectacular gorge-like cliffs erupt along either side of the creek and the chorus of birds make it feel like you’re in a real life Disney film. 

Soon the path will meet the stream again, creating the most picturesque scene, with bright purple flowers colouring the banks. Kangaroos often sit by the water’s edge here, so be careful not to startle them! I couldn’t resist going off path and wading through the pure and shallow water.



The path crosses the creek further up ahead, so taking the path less paddled will still land you back on track. 

Once you’re back on dry grass, the path turns uphill, for a short and steep climb. Turn around and take in the magnificent view of Belougery Split Rock! 



Follow the rocky ridgeline of the hill until you reach the steep and often slippery downhill slope. It’s best to follow the markers here as the moss can make this rock incredibly slippy! Once you’re at the bottom, you’ll find yourself back at Canyon picnic area, where I recommend brewing up a cuppa and enjoying the serenity. 


Essential Gear

  • Camera! 
  • Hiking sandals or shoes 
  • Water 
  • Snacks 

How To Get There

Warrumbungle National Park is a 5 hour drive from Sydney. The hike starts from Canyon picnic area, a short 5 minute drive from the information centre and Camp Blackman.



  • Hiking 
  • Picnicing
  • Swimming
  • Bird watching 
  • Animal spotting

Skill Level


There are a few steep climbs up and down, but the walk is quite short.

Distance Covered / Elevation Gained / Time Taken

1km loop / 30m / 45 mins