Although the most popular time to visit Victoria’s High Country is snow season, there’s no shortage of adventures to be had in summer! From biking to breweries, the Victorian High Country is a year-round playground!

Mountain Adventures Without The Snow

The Victorian High Country is probably known best for its ski slopes. Every winter, people pack car loads of gear for themselves and their children, and drive up to the mountains.

Here they’ll spend a few days breaking legs, listening to children whinge and trying not to freeze to death. This joy is short-lived before you have to pack the car with the same gear that’s now twice as wet and heavy.

Ok, it’s actually not that bad, but it does seem that everyone thinks the fun is gone once the snow has melted. Here are five escapes proving they’re wrong!


Victoria Lachie Thomas Victorian High Country Mt. Howitt Mountain sunset sunrise

1. Cycling Adventures

Whether you want to get up into the mountains and bomb the hills on a mountain bike or ride your bike to a few old pubs, the rides in and around the Victorian High Country have you covered.

For those who want an adrenaline rush like snowboarding, I’d suggest mountain biking the Delatite River Trail at Mount Buller.



It’s a bit of a rocky start before you descend towards the river. You then have multiple river crossings before arriving at Mirimbah Park, where you can cool off with a swim and grab a bite to eat at Mirimbah Store.

My pick for those of you want a ride with a bit of leisure is the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. This ride has over 100km of sealed, off-road tracks that’ll take you through or close to the tourist towns of Wangaratta, Milawa, Beechworth, Rutherglen, Bright and Wandiligong.

Or if you’re more into King of the Mountain attempts and PRs on the road bike, the hilly terrain around Bright will give you the challenge you’re after.

No matter where you decide to break up your ride you’ll be treated to the finest produce, craft beers, wine and country hospitality.

2. Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is something that almost everyone I talk to wants to do, but no one I know has ever learned. The image of a man standing waist-deep in crystal clear water, all by himself as the sun sets is always entrancing.

Well if you want to learn, the Victorian High Country is the place to do it.

There are multiple courses running in the area, from two-hour casting lessons to full day and weekend packages. The best thing about learning in Australia is not needing to keep an eye out for Grizzly bears, so you’re free to enjoy the view.


3. Ride the Rapids

Rafting in Aus isn’t as intense as it is for our neighbours over the pond in New Zealand, we do still get some rapids as the snow melts and the rivers rise. In Victoria’s High Country, one particularly fun spot is the Ovens River in Bright.

Bright Adventure Company hire out kayaks most weekends in the summer time from a stand near the Bright River Swimming Area. You can just rock up but when the stand isn’t running you’ll have to book in advance.

4. Victoria’s High Country Brewery Trail

Now that we have the people who love a bit of exercise sorted let’s get onto the good stuff; food and drink!

Victoria’s High Country Brewery Trail is an easily drivable, or even better, chauffeured drive through the High Country. Extending from the river to the mountains, this drive takes in many of Victoria’s best breweries. Here’s your hit list:

All towns have accommodation so be sure to check in at all the breweries during the day, before deciding where to spend the night!


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Sunset at King River Brewing

5. Wine Regions of High Country Victoria

Wine – I like to drink it but have to admit I don’t know enough about it.

The High County wine region is very diverse and spread across six regions.

I’d suggest if you’re as lacking in wine culture as me, this is the spot for a great education. Take your pick from the following: Alpine Valleys, Beechworth, Glenrowan, King Valley, Rutherglen and Upper Goulburn.

Pick a few buddies and become an expert!


Mayford Wines in Porepunak has stellar views to complement your tasting


Photos thanks to Visit Victoria