Three Capes Track (TAS)

Three Capes Track (TAS)
Standing at the Southernmost point of AustraliaThe spectacular scenery Feeling like the only person on earth in some really remote wilderness


I knew I had picked the right track to spend a few days on, when I found myself watching the boat that I had just jumped off, motoring away into the fading daylight. I had wanted an escape into the wilderness for a few days without the hassle and planning of a big adventure/ hike and so I randomly selected the Three Capes Track, a new venture by Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service. A four-day, 46km hike around the Tasman Peninsula.

The first day is a short 4km to the first cabin. The cabins are spacious and each includes a large kitchen with gas stove tops and a large range of cooking utensils. This being the first hike I had done that required me to carry all my own food, I was excited to be preparing my first dehydrated meal. That excitement lasted for about 30 seconds after I cut the pouch open. I do not recommend dehydrated meals. Ever. I have since learnt that there are lots of great viable alternatives.   I saw one woman who had made pancakes. With blueberries. Granted, you have to carry it all, but the extra weight, especially for such a short hike, is more than worth it. Lesson learnt right there.

The remaining days start early and each day I am in awe. The track itself is wide and well formed allowing easy and comfortable hiking which lets you get lost in the views, rather than getting to intimately know every stitch on your boots. I felt as if I was the only person on that Peninsula, and I had to continually remind myself that yes, I was still ‘at home’ in Australia. Starkly different to the majority of the mainland, it was stunning and spectacular. A maximum of 48 people are allowed to start the walk each day meaning that most of the time you will have the track to yourself, which is always what you want, but even more of a bonus when you have to pee the number of times I do.

The Three Capes Track is a fantastic four day/ three-night hike through some of the most remote and incredibly beautiful wilderness. Surrounded by 300-metre sea cliffs and with a view stretching down to Antarctica, this is a microadventure close to home that will have you feeling as if you’ve been on a great adventure in a faraway land.

A technically easy track combined with the cabins, makes it a really attractive short hike adventure. Simply pack your backpack, buy some food, tie your laces and away you go.

Essential gear required

Food. Minimum 2-litre water bottle is recommended as there are no places to fill up between cabins. Ear plugs as you will be sleeping in a cabin with 7 other people. Baby wipes for showering!

How to get there

Port Arthur is a 1.5-hour drive from Hobart. From Port Arthur, you will take a boat across to the beginning of the track which is included in the cost of walking the track. There is a shuttle bus from the end of the track back to Port Arthur, also included in the cost of walking the track.


  • Hiking
  • Photography
  • Swimming
  • Bird watching

Skill level

Easy / beginner.

Distance covered / Elevation Gain

46 kilometres / 500m