Damon’s been searching for the perfect Newcastle micro, and he reckons this is it! Ideal for a quick outing from the city, the Yuelarbah Track delivers, boardwalks, waterfalls and a perfect beach finish. Apparently all you need is a bucket!


  • A track with tropical vibes
  • Close proximity to Newcastle
  • Secluded beach

The Yuelarbah Track

I’m not the only one to say many a trip has been focussed on discovering the next ice-cold waterfall or vine-filled canopy. And for some reason the ‘best’ adventures seem to be just too far for a day trip, just too much of a hassle. This was, of course, until I found the Yuelarbah track. There’s not much this track doesn’t offer!

After you grab your sandcastle bucket (you’ll understand soon) and lock the car multiple times, you set off along an elevated walkway. Immediately you’re immersed in the treetops.

The lush canopy guides you to the suspension bridge that crosses the main creek, then keep your eye out for the two waterfalls on the way. Eventually, Leichardt’s lookout will welcome you with the first glimpse of your destination – the ocean.


A hidden jungle - the yuelarbah track, by Damon Tually waterfall


Make sure you turn left once on the platform, otherwise you’ll turn too early and be on the wrong track. And you won’t want to miss the next section as it’s incredible.

The track continues through a split rock where you can take a picture of your incredible strength. But don’t put the camera away too quickly, you’re about to be transported into the deepest of jungle. Make sure to stop and look up at the beautiful canopy (just watch out for the drop bears!)


A hidden jungle - the yuelarbah track, by Damon Tually, walking track, forest steps

Sandy Gold – Burwood Beach

Continue along the meandering track as the beautiful rainforest transforms into the coastal shrubbery we all know and love. The track will eventually take a sharp right and three steps later you’ll be on one of Newcastle’s most pristine beaches, Burwood beach.

The beach is usually all yours, so soak it up. This is where the sandcastle bucket will come in handy to cool you down, especially since there won’t be anyone there but you, the ocean and Glenrock lagoon. If you’ve forgotten the bucket, take a dip in Glenrock lagoon or simply lie down and relax. It’s up to you.

After – I’m going to guess hours – of relaxing, make your way back on the same track until you’re back at the car park. Once at the car park, you should feel relaxed, confused about what time it is and motivated to turn around and go again!


A hidden jungle - the yuelarbah track, by Damon Tually, drone shot of estuary

Essential Gear

  • Shoes
  • Sandcastle bucket (not optional)

How To Get There

Pop in Yuelarbah Track car park into Google maps and it’ll take you right to the track. Nice and easy! About 10 minutes from Newcastle.


  • Bushwalking
  • Photography
  • Swimming

Distance / Duration

6.8km / Easy 3 hours