Wondering what to get your camping friend or family member for Christmas? Here’s our list of classic gifts as well as some lesser-known campsite life savers.


Some people are hard to buy for. Campers are not those people. Buy them bug spray and they’ll be veritably stoked! Buy them a camping pillow and they’ll realise you actually can have a good night’s sleep under the stars.

Here’s a few more gift ideas for campers.

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1. Shooaway Fly Fan

Do you ever get sick of those pesky flies hanging around your food while you’re trying to enjoy yourself? Then this latest invention – the “SHOOAWAY” is exactly what you need.

This amazing new product is Australian-owned and designed and is 100% effective in annoying flies. The ShooAway is a safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly way to get rid of those pesky flies and is perfect for any occasion where you need to protect your food.

With an effective range of up to 1m in diameter, this ingenious invention uses hologram technology that makes the flies’ compound eyes see the ‘movement’ of light as a deterrent making them terrified to go anywhere near your tasty treats.

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 2.  Growlerwerks Ukeg Go Beverage Dispenser

Introducing the Growlerwerks 64-ounce(1.9L) uKeg Go. Delivering maintained freshness, functionality, and carbonation for weeks in a vessel optimized for quenching thirsts on the go.

This ultimate camping beverage dispenser keeps your drinks cold all day with double-walled stainless steel vacuum insulation and only requires 1 8g food-grade CO2 cartridge per use. The perfect addition to any campsite.


3. Nemo Stargaze Recliner Chair

Say hello to the future of camp comfort, the Nemo Stargaze Luxury recliner chair. Made with aircraft-grade aluminium, the Stargaze is super lightweight, extremely durable and easy to set up.

With a low center of gravity, you can set up on any surface and have complete confidence in the extreme comfort of a recliner chair. Take the comfort of your living room on your next camping trip.

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4. Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool

When a multi-tool meets a survival kit and has a baby, this is that baby all grown up. The Leatherman Signal multi-tool has all the traditional tools you’d expect in a multi-tool plus a shaped diamond-coated sharpener, fire-starting ferro rod and an emergency whistle.

The Signal is made with high-grade 420 stainless steel and coated in a combination of hardeners and paint to help the durability and avoid corrosion. The go-anywhere toolkit that fits right in your pocket, what more do you need?


5. SOL 20L Packable Solar Shower


No need to search high and low for campsites with showers anymore. The Sol 20L packable solar shower allows you to take your shower anywhere. By absorbing heat from the sun you can heat your shower to the perfect temperature by using the printed thermometer on the bag.

Once she’s nice and warm, simply hang it from a branch or a pole and you’re ready to go, plus, store your toiletries and a mirror in the mesh pocket on the front. The practicality of showering at home with the added atmosphere of being in nature.


6. Sea To Summit Camp Plus SI Insulated Sleeping Mat


If you’re chasing a versatile all-around sleeping mat look no further than the Sea to Summit Camp Plus SI. Equipped with Delta Core foam for a lighter and smaller pack-down size, the Camp Plus SI will have you sleeping like a baby.

With the robust and abrasion-resistant 75D fabric you set up for bed on pretty much any surface. Comfortable, durable, and ready to use all year round.


7. Thermarest Compressible Pillow

Gifts for campers,No need to pack your bulky pillow from your bed or deal with an uncomfortable, cheap, inflatable pillow on your next camping trip. The Therm-a-rest compressible pillow Cinch is everything you need for your head and comfortable, good night’s sleep.

Made with 60% recycled polyester and filled with upcycled foam, the Therm-a-rest pillow combines luxury softness with packable convenience. Level up your sleeping.


8. Explore Planet Earth Enamel 12 Piece Dinner Set

Get rid of those crappy paper plates and reload your camp kitchen with Explore Planet Earth’s Enamel 12-piece dinner set.

Loaded with 4 of each mugs, bowls and plates means you can feed the family with ease and the enamel-coated steel makes this dinner set a breeze to clean.

Oh, and did we mention these are also microwave-safe? A must-have in every adventure junkies camp set.


9. Dometic Go Hard 50L Gear Storage

Never fear, Dometic is here. Never waste time sorting through all your camping gear to find what you need, have it all ready to go in Dometic’s PAC H50 Hard Storage, the simple way to store your essential camping gear in one place.

Waterproof, dustproof, high-impact resistant, and lightweight, with a whopping 50L capacity you can just grab it off of the shelf or floor and slide it into your boot for your next adventure.


10. GSI Micro Hiking Folding Camp Table

Gather around the GSI Micro hiking folding camp table. Made with super lightweight flame and heat-resistant anodized aluminium and packed dimensions of 40cm x 10cm x 8cm, this table is perfect for any adventure your heart desires.

Lightweight is one thing but the Micro is also sturdy holding up to 9.1kg at max capacity. Play some games, gather around for dinner or use it as a food prep table, versatility meets practicality.



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