Wondering what to get your camping friend or family member for Christmas? Here’s our list of classic gifts as well as some lesser-known campsite MVPs.


As we head into the silly season nothing is quite so stressful as trying to find your outdoorsy mate a gift – surely they’ve already got a Leatherman! 

Well, my friends, don’t fret, we’ve curated a list of the perfect gift ideas for that camping friend who already has everything. From the car campers to the overnight hikers, we’ve got you covered.

 1. Opinel Traditional No.8 Stainless Steel Knife

From the camper who’s just starting out to the one who’s got almost everything, you can’t go wrong with a No. 8 Opinel Knife with a leather sheath. At 42g, it’s super lightweight so it can be taken on any adventure from picnics and car camping to epic wilderness challenges.

Use it to whittle a creative masterpiece or slice the perfect cut of cheese. There are more ways to use this knife than we have words, so it’s a great practical gift idea for every camper. The leather sheath makes it easy to care for so that you can rely on it for many years to come.


2. Shooaway Fly Fan



Do you ever get sick of those pesky flies hanging around your food while you’re trying to enjoy yourself? Then this latest invention – the ‘ShooAway‘ is exactly what you need.

This amazing new product is Australian-owned and designed and is 100% effective in annoying flies. The ShooAway is a safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly way to get rid of those pesky flies and is perfect for any occasion where you need to protect your food.

With an effective range of up to 1m in diameter, this ingenious invention uses hologram technology that makes the flies’ compound eyes see the ‘movement’ of light as a deterrent making them terrified to go anywhere near your tasty treats.

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3. Sea to Summit Air Chair Kit



Say hello to the future of lightweight camp comfort, the Sea to Summit Air Chair Kit. With a few buckles and folds this kit turns your sleeping mat into a comfortable outdoor chair. 

It comes with a 70D waterproof base to protect your sleeping mat from rough ground and a gusset to protect the sides. Compatible with all Sea to Summit sleeping mats this chair is a no-brainer for any ultralight hikers and campers struggling to fit all their gear in the car.

All the comfort of inside the tent, outside the tent!

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4. Grand Trunk Tech Double Hammock



You can’t go wrong with a hammock! These are so versatile – from setting up at the crag to creating a quiet spot to retreat to at your family campsite for the holidays – you can even use these as your full camp set up!

The Grand Trunk hammocks are lightweight, easy to set up, and incredibly soft. They weigh just over 430g and come with a built-in stuff sack for easy transport. The material is fast drying and breathable – perfect for the Aussie summer!

When buying a hammock, be sure to grab Tree Straps too. These extend the reach of your hammock so that you can set up almost anywhere, while also protecting the trees you’re hanging in.


5. SOL 20L Packable Solar Shower



No need to search high and low for campsites with showers anymore. The Sol 20L Packable Solar Shower allows you to take your shower anywhere. By absorbing heat from the sun you can heat your shower to the perfect temperature by using the printed thermometer on the bag.

Once she’s nice and warm, simply hang it from a branch or a pole and you’re ready to go, plus, store your toiletries and a mirror in the mesh pocket on the front. The practicality of showering at home with the added atmosphere of being in nature.


6. Let’s Go Cards, Camping Edition



If you’re looking for the perfect stocking filler for the kiddly-winks, you can’t go wrong with a card game. The Australian owned Let’s Go Camping card game was designed on the Gold Coast, so while you’re keeping the kids entertained you’re also supporting a local business. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

It isn’t just an ordinary pack of cards either – you get six games in one! It’s sure to keep the kids entertained for hours so the adults can grab some Christmas R&R by the campfire.


7. Fire to Fork Cookbook



Have you got a culinary camper in your circle? We’ve all got that friend or family member who loves to experiment with some campfire cooking, and I’m sure you can remember more than one disaster! Consider a camping cookbook for a thoughtful gift idea that benefits everyone on the trip.

The Fire to Fork Adventure Cookbook is a fantastic resource for all courageous cooks looking to expand their camp cuisine. Focusing on using fewer ingredients to make exciting meals while out on an adventure, Harry Fisher is making sure campers can make even the simplest camp meals a culinary sensation.

This book is chock-a-block full of mouth-watering recipes – make sure you gift it to someone you intend to camp with!


8. Enamel 12-Piece Dinner Set


Get rid of those crappy paper plates and reload your camp kitchen with Campfire’s Enamel 12-piece dinner set.

Loaded with four of each mugs, bowls and plates means you can feed the family with ease and the enamel-coated steel makes this dinner set a breeze to clean.

While pretty irrelevant for camping, these are also microwave-safe. Now you can bust out the camping plates for weekday meals!


9. Dometic Go Hard 50L Gear Storage

Never waste time sorting through all your camping gear to find what you need, have it all ready to go in Dometic’s PAC H50 Hard Storage, the simple way to store your essential camping gear in one place.

Waterproof, dustproof, high-impact resistant, and lightweight, with a whopping 50L capacity you can just grab it off of the shelf or floor and slide it into your boot for your next adventure.


10. Aeropress Original Coffee Maker



Win over the coffee lover in your life with the Aeropress Original Coffee Maker. (If you want to win yourself over, no one is judging!) This piece of equipment is a game changer when it comes to camp coffees. It’s compact, durable, and lightweight, making it the perfect addition to your camp kitchen. Gone are the days of average takeaway coffees while camping!

The Original Aeropress comes with 100 microfilters to filter your coffee, as well as a stirrer and scooper for the perfect coffee measurement every time. You can make everything from a cold brew, to an espresso, to americano – whatever your caffeinated heart desires!


11. Toaks Titanium Mug



Pair the Aeropress with the Toaks Titanium mug for the perfect lightweight coffee compendium! This mug is only 76g and is an affordable lightweight addition to any camp kitchen.



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