We’ve all got that mate who’s more often found hanging from their fingertips than standing on flat ground. This Christmas we’ve teamed up with our mates at Wild Earth to give you some affordable gift ideas for climbers and boulderers.


Chrissy is back, which means it’s time to get serious about gifts. You don’t want to be like that lovely, but wildly out of touch, Aunt, Grandad, or long-lost cousin who buys gifts that sit in the back of a cupboard for the rest of their life. 

I love to give rock climbing a go and conquer some very low-grade routes, so I know that climbing gear can be technical, overwhelming, and very user-specific, so this list won’t have any harnesses or shoes, ropes or belay devices. I’ve kept it more generic, a climbing gift anyone can buy for their loved ones who are obsessed with sandstone, granite, or plastic.

And hey, if you’re still unsure, there’s always a gift card! I hear Wild Earth has them.


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The author Mia gearing up for an indoor climbing sesh

1. Arc’teryx Ion Chalk Bag

I love a chalk bag that’s distinctly mine, one that no one else accidentally picks up at the gym, one you can spot across the room. That’s why I always opt for a colourful one, and I love the simple yet intentional design of the Arc’teryx Ion Bag.

The bag has a stiff brim that keeps the bag open for easy access while you’re in the middle of a climb, but cinches tight to avoid spills. It also has a brush loop, and a small zippered pocket to stash your valuables. You’d buy this for someone who climbs indoors or outdoors.

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2. Awesome Woodys Cliff Board

Climbers need strong arms, and that especially includes finger tendons and all those fibres. It’s those tiny crimps that send me flying off the wall, and that’s where a hangboard comes in. 

This hangboard is portable, lightweight, and the perfect training tool, it’s also made from Australian Plantation timber so it’s kind to the environment too. You’d buy this for someone who’s a passionate and regular indoor or outdoor climber who’s looking to level up.

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3. Mad Rock Liquid Chalklate

Most indoor gyms prefer that you use liquid chalk or at the very least a chalk ball. And this liquid chalk is my go-to, it’s 70% alcohol so as soon as you pop this on your hands it dries into a chalky layer that optimises friction performance.This present is great for indoor climbers, but works outdoors too!

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4. Boot Bananas Shoe Deodoriser



Pughhhhh, no one wants to be the one stinking out the climbing gym or your car after a good session – so please pop some Banana Boots into those shoes. These wick away moisture and… fragrance, and have an eco-conscious design that consists only of salts, minerals, and plant extracts. 

Banana Boots are the gift that keeps on giving, with a deodorising lifespan of 6 to 12 months. You’d buy this for someone who owns climbing shoes (or just shoes for that matter), especially if they’re known for their pong. 

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5. A Climbing Guidebook


Climbers find outdoor climbing routes by using guidebooks, which can’t fail from a lack of reception or battery. Find out where your climbing friend likes to climb outdoors (or wants to in the future) and the latest edition of the climbing guide will be a treasured gift for years to come.

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6. Reset Classic Boulder Brush



A perfect little stuffing filler – this brush has a tapered handle to protect knuckles while you buff away at a hold to ensure it’s free of loose dust and chalk. It comes with a cord attachment and is made of boar hairs for a long lifespan. You’d buy this for someone who climbs indoors or outdoors and it goes perfectly with the chalk bag! 

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7. Mammut Workhorse Keylock 12cm 6-pack Quickdraws



There’s gotta be one splurge gift on the list. Workhorse quickdraws are fast and snappy, with easy clipping and unclipping, so no rope snags. The solid gates can be used anywhere (unlike some wire gates) and the ergonomic carabiners let you focus on sending. You’d buy this for someone who lead climbs both indoors and outdoors. 

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8. ClimbSkin Hand Cream


Did you know that people who consistently climb grow extra skin on their fingertips? This is your body’s response to constantly peeling away those precious layers of skin – you end up having a few extra millimetres worth of skin there.

Having a blister or an open wound on a finger is a climber’s worst nightmare, and you can decrease the likelihood by keeping the skin moisturised. This is where ClimbSkin comes in, it contains the most potent skin regenerative agents found in nature and helps to moisturise your skin while ensuring you’re not left oily and slick. You’d buy this for someone who climbs indoors or outdoors. 

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9. Kavu Rope Bag



Ka-who?….Kavu, that’s who. This new brand at Wild Earth is absolutely killing it – their prints and designs are wholly one-of-a-kind. This one is designed to be a rope bag, it has an adjustable shoulder strap, two vertical zip compartments, two key or phone pockets, and a padded back. 

If your loved one doesn’t need rope for their rock climbing yet it’s still the perfect bag for your chalk bag, shoes, water bottle, and finger tape. You’d buy this for someone who climbs indoors or outdoors, especially someone who needs some aesthetic rope storage.

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10. Frank Green Reusable Ceramic Bottle 1L



Everyone needs a good water bottle and the Frank Green bottle is the perfect gift – it keeps your drink cool and looks great while doing it. My go-to colour for climbers is Harbour Mist or Blushed, it’ll hide all of those chalky fingerprints. You’d get this for someone who climbs indoors and outdoors (or drinks water) tbh.

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