From boulderers to trad climbers, there’s a climbing present for every budget! We’ve teamed up with our mates at Wild Earth to give you some ideas for the vertically-inclined person in your life.


For the non-climbers among us, climbing gear can seem overwhelming. That, paired with the fact that climbers are notoriously hard to buy for, makes gift-giving more stressful than it needs to be. That being said, we reckon every gift on this list will go down (or up?) an absolute treat, read on!

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1. Awesome Woodys Cliff Board Mini

This Awesome Woody’s two-sided fingerboard is a best seller. Give the climber in your the gift of a solid home workout when they can’t make it to the crag. The portable set-up of the board also allows for it to be taken to the cliff for a perfect progressive warm-up. Simply un-clip it from home and take it on any adventure.

The design allows for training on a variety of holds to build strength! Made in Australia from plantation timber, the Cliff Board Mini weighs in at around 550 grams and is as gentle on your skin as it is on nature.


2. 8BPLUS Climbing Chalk Bag – Felix


Developed for climbers, by climbers, these quirky handmade chalk bags from 8B Plus are the perfect mix of functional and fun! They’re generously sized and make for easy access to chalk without digging around.

Features include a brush holder and drawstring top closure to keep chalk nice and dry and in its place. Clip it directly to the harness or use the multi-size hip belt that comes with it.

These bags also come with epic gift packaging, so no need for any extra effort on your part!


3. Grand Trunk Double Hammock w/ Strap


Every climber enjoys hanging out at the Crag. Like literally hanging out. This all-in-one hammock set up from Grand Trunk will level up comfort levels on any adventure. It’s an ultra-packable two-person parachute nylon hammock for double the fun!

Tree-friendly hammock straps, a stuff sack and carabiners are included, so there’s no need to purchase any additional accessories. They’ll be good to go.


4. Black Diamond  Momentum Climbing Harness

black diamond momentum climbing harness wild earth

An all-rounder for under a hundred bucks? Tell me I’m dreamin’! With adjustable leg loops, a simple waist buckle that easily lets you know that it’s safely done up, and dual-core construction for comfort, the Momentum Harness has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

It also features steezy flat gear loops like you’d find on more expensive models and is actually fairly lightweight too.

If your friend’s just starting out and wants to stop renting a harness, or the thing they’re wearing looks like a safety hazard, this harness will make for a cracking gift.


5. Metolius Super Chalk – Refillable Ball


Chalk is good but this Metolius Super Chalk Ball is even better! This is a sure winner when it comes to grabbing a cheap gift for your fave climber.

Chalk balls help you use just enough climbing chalk on your hands and no more,  and the refillable design will last years. Keep rogue dust in the air down to a minimum and the crag crew will be grateful too.


6. Katadyn BeFree Filter Water Filtration System 3.0L

Some crags can get pretty remote, so a good water filter could be a potential lifesaver! This 3.0-litre Katadyn BeFree water filter is excellent for anyone venturing out into the wild. It packs down small and allows you to easily fill up the bottle from any river, lake, stream or dodgy-looking tap.

With a 0.1-micron microfilter that’s tested to protect against harmful organisms, removing protozoa (99.99%) and bacteria (99.9999%) to EPA standards, your climbing bum mate can have peace of mind while they hydrate.


7. Evolv Climbing Drop Pad

The Evolve Climbing Drop Pad is a perfect for boulderers. Its lightweight design (weighing in at just over 6 kg) features an adjustable backpack, including cushioned shoulder straps and waistband.

Load lifters redistribute weight off the shoulders and onto the hips and quick-release buckles mean easy opening and closing. Additional features include a large carpet square where you can clean shoes, and handles that allow you to quickly shift the pad from boulder to boulder.


8. Gibbon Classic X13 Slackline

It’s no secret that climbers usually love a good slackline session when they can get it. The Gibbon Classic X13 Slackline is a perfect all-rounder that caters to beginners and the more advanced. With a super simple and fast set up, its rubber print offers extra grip and the design allows for it to be set up low to the ground, even at full length for minimum injuries and maximum air time. It’s 25 metres long and 5 cm wide.


9. Climbskin Hand Cream

Calluses are a badge of honour but every climber could do with some additional help in the finger recovery department.

This 30ml hand cream is designed for climbers, by climbers, and includes a blend of regenerative and natural ingredients like aloe and shea butter that are fast to be absorbed without leaving you feeling greasy for hours. Their entire manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and cruelty-free (not tested on animals).


10. Metolius Upshot Belay Glasses

Belaying at the gym or crag can literally be a pain in the neck. The Metolius Upshot Belay Glasses have a field of vision that aims high on the wall to allow for easy belaying without the neck strain. The design features sport-style temples with low profile nose pads that fit better when used with glasses or sunglasses. They come in a durable case to keep them safe while on the move along with a lanyard and lens cloth.


11. Black Diamond Touchstone Haul Bag

For climbers who take on the big walls of the world this mid-sized haul bag is the ideal addition to any serious kit. It can handle all the abuse that comes with big wall rock climbing with its super-tough, vinyl-laminated nylon and double-walled skirt.

The EVA foam padded straps and hip belt make for a comfortable carry and they easily stow away when ready to haul. Weighing in at 2.44 kg and with a volume of up to 70 litres, it might be the only bag they need!


12. So iLL Clippers

Got a climbing mate who’s always asking to borrow nail clippers? Help them keep their fingers and toes low profile with this clipper set from So iLL. These clippers come in two sizes and are made for every size of nail. The bright green handle makes them hard to miss and they’re the perfect addition to any climbers gym or crag bag.



Feature image thanks to @patcorden