There’s nothing like settling into a good camp chair after a big day, whether you’ve been hiking the trails or taking it easy. We’ve rounded up the best camping chairs in Australia so you can fast track your relaxation.

Finding the time for camping trips with family and friends isn’t always easy, so when the opportunity pops up it’s pretty important to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

A great camping chair is one of the most important pieces of gear to bring camping, but it’s sometimes overlooked.

The best camping chairs are sturdy but lightweight, easily portable, and will travel with you wherever you go without taking up space or slowing you down. Some are even small and light enough to take hiking!

If you’re in the market for a great camping chair, we’ve compiled a list of the best quality camping chairs in Australia to help you prepare for your next adventure. Before we dive in, however, here’s what to consider when on the hunt for a chair.

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 1. Helinox Chair Zero



  • Height: 64cm
  • Width: 48cm
  • Depth: 52cm
  • Weight: 490g
  • Capacity: 120kg
  • Warranty: 5 years

Reasons to buy:

  • Small and lightweight
  • Durable

Reasons to avoid:

  • Chair legs can sink into soft soil
  • Can be too small for big and tall campers

Price: $179.99

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One of the best camping chairs on the market, the Helinox Chair Zero is perfect if you plan to travel light. Weighing just half a kilogram, this lightweight camping chair is super-easy to carry and a favourite with hikers.

Despite its weight, the Chair Zero is surprisingly sturdy and can support up to 120kg. This is thanks to an advanced DAC aluminium frame that provides maximum strength at minimum weight.

The breathable mesh fabric and fully padded seat provide the comfort. When it’s time to pack up, simply collapse the camping chair into its carrying case and you’re good to go.

Another advantage of the Helinox Chair Zero is its durability. The seat and carrying case are made from ripstop polyester that’s resistant to harsh weather and UV rays.

The Chair Zero has two key drawbacks. For one, it’s not very high and could be uncomfortable for taller people. In addition, the narrow tipped legs can sink into the ground when placed on soft soil. You can read our in depth review of the Helinox Chair Zero if this sounds like the camping chair for you. 

If the height sounds like an issue, the high back version might suit you better, or check out number 3 and 7 on this list.

2. Explore Planet Earth Pegasus Hiking Stool




  • Height: 41cm
  • Width: 32cm
  • Depth: 29cm
  • Weight: 0.46kg
  • Capacity: 100kg
  • Additional features: 600D 2 tone polyester seat

Reasons to buy:

  • Best ultralight camping chair
  • Budget camping chair
  • Conveniently collapses onto itself

Reasons to avoid:

  • Doesn’t have lumbar support
  • Not comfortable for extended use

Price: $46

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You can’t exactly sit back and relax in the Pegasus Hiking Stool as you can on other camping chairs on our list. However, it’s still a super sturdy and reliable stool that will follow you on all your adventures, from hiking to camping to fishing

It’s super compact, lightweight and great for adventurers who don’t like to lounge about for long hours, and just need the occasional quick break.

The Pegasus Hiking Stool isn’t for everyone. If you tire easily and need to sit down often, this stool probably isn’t the best option. It doesn’t have any lumbar support and just takes the weight off your legs.

However, it’s perfect for campers who need a quick and reliable break from standing, a break at the crag, or when all the other camping chairs are taken. It’s also great for kids.

The stool is made from aluminium and can hold up to 100kg, which is pretty good given its size! When not in use, it can be easily folded and stored away, taking up very little space in your backpack. And if you choose to carry it around it will only add 0.46kg to your backpack, which makes it lighter than some water bottles!

3. Helinox Savanna Chair




  • Depth: 79cm 
  • Width: 70cm
  • Height: 112cm
  • Weight: 1.78kg
  • Capacity: 145kg

Reasons to buy:

  • Support for your head
  • Cup holder
  • Carry bag included

Reasons to avoid:

  • Legs can spear soft ground
  • Lacks lumbar support

Price: $269.99

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This stylish and eye-catching camping chair is made of breathable mesh fabric, perfect for lounging about on hot summer days. Want to have your favourite drink on hand? Keep it in the Savanna Chair’s cup holder.

You can also store your phone, keys, sun cream and other odds and ends in the pockets on either side. This comfortable camping chair is also equipped with a headrest and pillow for deeper relaxation after a long day in the bush.

At 1.78kg you can technically hike with this chair, and definitely carry it to remote beaches and picnic spots, but it’s more for camping. Luckily for campers, the carrying case can be turned into a pillow.

If you’re tall however, it’s good to know that some people feel this chair sits too low on the ground, making it difficult to get in and out of.

 4. Wanderer Premium Moon Chair




  • Width: 96cm
  • Height: 92cm
  • Depth: 80cm
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Capacity: 150kg

Reasons to buy:

  • Armchair-like experience
  • Fully padded seat

Reason to avoid:

  • Heavier than other chairs

Price: $99.99 (usually $139.99)

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You’ll be surprised at how this large padded camping chair can fit into its small, compact carr case. The Wanderer Premium Moon Chair is perfect for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort. 

You can even take a relatively comfortable nap in it! It’s one of the largest and most comfortable sitting areas of any camp chair on the market. The seat is also reclined, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy gazing at the treetops above.

The legs are made from sturdy aluminium that can support up to 150kg and the fabric is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry if you leaving it in the rain. The frame is also powder-coated to keep rust away.

Now for the downside: this chair can hardly be considered lightweight at 7kg and might be unsuitable for those who like to travel light. While it does collapse and fit into a compact carry case, most of the other chairs on our list don’t weigh more than 4kg.

5. Wanderer Retro Summer Stripe Camp Chair




  • Width: 56.5cm
  • Height: 79cm
  • Depth: 58.5cm
  • Capacity: 120kg

Reasons to buy:

  • Easy to get in and out thanks to sturdy armrests and frame
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap!

Reasons to avoid:

  • Can be uncomfortable because of unpadded sitting area
  • Looks less stylish if you’re not a fan of retro stuff

Price: $59.99

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The Wanderer Retro Summer Stripe portable camping chair looks like it’s from a bygone era. Its design and colour create an immediate sense of nostalgia, especially if you’re into retro design.  

It’s actually fairly small, compact, and lightweight at under 3kg, but the fabric is rough, and even though the chair construction is comfortable, you might not enjoy sitting in it for too long. 

On the other hand, it’s easy to get in and out of this camping chair, much like how you would with a standard chair. Considering many low hiking chairs are uncomfortable to sit on for long periods, this is already a big bonus. 

The Wanderer Retro Summer Stripe is also quite affordable, priced perfectly for bargain hunters. For a modest price you get a camping chair that’s easy to use and perfect for short camping trips or days trips to the beach.

6. Explore Planet Earth Pegasus Deluxe Chair



  • Width: 54cm
  • Height: 96cm
  • Depth: 76cm
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Capacity: 130kg

Reasons to buy:

  • Comfortable headrest
  • Mesh side pockets

Reason to avoid:

  • Some people may struggle with its depth

Price: $158

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The Pegasus Deluxe Chair from Explore Planet Earth is all about sitting back and relaxing. This portable camping chair is one of the most comfortable options that comes with a headrest. 

The first thing you’ll notice is the ample padding. The seat and the backrest are padded and covered with smooth fabric.

The Pegasus Deluxe is also designed to let you sink into it, perfect for reading a book or relaxing after a long day on the trail. Paradoxically, this is also the chair’s main drawback, with some likely to dislike its depth.

You have to lower yourself to sit in the chair, which can be difficult if you’re not very agile. If you’re looking for a camping chair that’s easy to get in and out of, there are definitely better options.

7. Nemo Equipment Moonlite Reclining Camping Chair



  • Width: 51cm
  • Height: 65cm
  • Depth: 52cm
  • Weight: 850g
  • Capacity: 136kg

Reasons to buy:

  • Zippered carrying case for easy carrying
  • Very lightweight
  • Seven different colours

Reasons to avoid:

  • No armrests
  • Less comfortable to use compared to other padded chairs

Price: $199.95

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The Nemo Equipment Moonlite Reclining Camping Chair is one of the best outdoor camping chairs for buyers looking for a sturdy supportive chair that’s super lightweight. It has a durable aluminium frame with a powder-coated finish to prevent rusting. The fabric is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it out in the rain.

When it comes to comfort, however, this is something of a mixed bag. Some might find this camping chair very comfortable, while others will find it too rigid. This is down to the different materials used in the chair’s construction. 

The seat and backrest are made from mesh, which is breathable and comfortable. However the frame is made from aluminium, which is quite rigid, and there’s no padding between the two. There are no armrests either, so find something to do with your hands! (We recommend jazz hands.)

Lastly, it’s worth noting that the Nemo Equipment Moonlite Reclining Camp Chair comes in seven colours, with some of those even available in Aus!

 8. Oztent King Goanna Chair with Superior Comfort



  • Width: 95cm
  • Height: 108
  • Depth: 60
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Capacity: up to 200kg
  • Warranty: 5 years

Reasons to buy:

  • Double-layered, soft padding
  • High weight capacity

Reasons to avoid:

  • The slight recline may make it hard to get up from
  • Heavier than other chairs on the list

Price: $179.99

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The Oztent King Goanna chair is all about lots of comfort and storage space. It’s well-padded and comfortable to rest in and there are two storage pockets on each side, perfect for keeping a phone, wallet and keys within reach. Ample storage also makes this one of the most suitable quad fold chairs for travellers with kids or dogs. 

With its solid rubberized legs, the Oztent King Goanna camping chair is suitable for all types of terrain. The adjustable lumbar support and pillow add more comfort.

On top of that, the chair can carry a lot of weight. It’s made with rigid PVC and a sturdy steel frame that can hold up to 200kg(!). Altogether, these features make the Oztent King Goanna the best portable camping chair perfect for those who want plenty of comfort and storage in one product.

On the other hand, at 6kg it can be cumbersome to carry around, especially if you’re moving location regularly.

Additionally, a slight recline can be somewhat uncomfortable. While for some it’s a good opportunity to sit back and relax, others may find it hard to get in and out of the chair. Though that may be due to comfort, rather than a design flaw.

9. Tuff Arse Low Ryder




  • Depth: 60cm
  • Width: 53cm
  • Height: 77cm
  • Weight: 3.1kg
  • Capacity: 150kg
  • Warranty: 2 years

Reasons to buy:

  • Arm rest strap adjusters
  • Multi-pocket storage compartments

Reasons to avoid:

  • Too close to the ground
  • May be uncomfortable for some

Price: $82

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Want to rest in a reclining position that’s somewhere between sitting and lying down? The Tuff Arse Low Ryder compact camping chair is a perfect option. With its combination of comfort, and support, this camping chair is an excellent choice.

The chair is made from solid and durable 600 Denier Polyester fabric that will provide support for many years. It’s made for ‘tough Aussie conditions’.

The seat is slightly reclined to help you kick back and relax. You’ll also find two drink holders on either side of the camping chair, to keep your all-important favourite beverage within arm’s reach. 

Tuff Arse Low Ryder also provides space for storing your phone, keys, and other items. With empty pockets the chair weighs just 3.1kg, which is very light for the comfort it provides.

However, like some of the other low chairs on the list, the Tuff Arse Low Ryder is also a low camping chair that sits close to the ground. You can’t get in and out of it easily if you have back or knee problems. The unusual seating position can also be a bit weird around the fire if everyone else is on a normal height chair.

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10. Blackwolf Shore Folding Beach Chair


  • Width: 43cm
  • Height: 62cm
  • Depth: 40cm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Capacity: 120kg

Reasons to buy:

  • Quick fold down and set up
  • Carry bag included

Reasons to avoid:

  • Rudimentary compared to other chair models

Price: $219.99

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The Blackwolf Shore Folding Beach Chair is a great basic model. It doesn’t come with many bells and whistles, but it’s a comfortable and sturdy chair perfect for the beach or the park. It has a beechwood frame with water-resistant fabric, making it great for any weather.

This camping chair doesn’t come with extras like a headrest or extra storage space. If you’re considering it, know that you’re getting a basic model. But basics are reliable. And it’s super aesthetically pleasing.

One appealing feature of the chair is that it can be easily folded despite its tough wooden construction. And it weighs just 3kg, great for campers on the hunt for lightweight camping chairs that are easy to carry around. You also have a choice of colours, between grey and green.

11. Naturehike Armrests Backrest Folding Camping Chair



  • Width: 53cm
  • Height: 45cm
  • Depth: 53cm
  • Weight: 3.4kg
  • Capacity: 120kg

Reasons to buy:

  • Sturdy
  • Can be used with various surfaces with the same durability
  • Fabric follows the contours of the body

Reasons to avoid:

  • Looks less stylish than other items in the list

Price: $167

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This chair comes in two colours — black and beige. It looks a touch like a director’s chair (see above) but with some key differences.

The Naturehike Folding Camping Chair has an aluminium frame that can support up to 120kg. It’s also lightweight and comes with a carrying case for hassle-free transport. The Naturehike camping chair also has a high-grade oxford fabric seat that is both comfortable and breathable. Pretty good for $167!

The folding design makes the chair easy to store and transport. The legs are made of high-strength aluminium alloy tubes with high load-bearing capacity. This makes the chair strong enough to use on uneven terrain, on the boat or in the park. The oxford fabric is comfortable and wear-resistant.

While this camping chair is perfect for camping minimalists, its looks can be polarising. That one’s up to you!

12. Zempire Roco Lounger V2 Chair



  • Width: 51cm
  • Height: 36cm
  • Depth: 42cm
  • Weight: 3.82kg
  • Capacity: 120kg

Reasons to buy:

  • Quick to open and close
  • Zip-closable carrying case
  • Drink holder

Reasons to avoid:

  • Lacks extra features many other models have
  • Only available in black 

Price: $99.99

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Looking to spend a lazy afternoon on a comfy camping chair with a perfect recline? Then check out the Zempire Roco Lounger V2 Chair.

This lightweight camping chair is great for lounging. It’s also easy to maintain, as the polyester cover slips off easily for machine washing.

The Roco Lounger V2 Chair doesn’t have any armrests, lumbar support or headrest, but it does have a cup holder and at $99, it’s fairly affordable for a durable wooden frame.

The frame is made of natural beechwood, which is beautiful, durable and naturally anti-bacterial. However, the chair is only available in black, kinda like a Ford Model T.

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13. OZtrail RV Statesman Sun Lounge



  • Width: 88cm
  • Height: 53cm
  • Depth: 47cm
  • Weight: 13.5kg
  • Capacity: 150kg
  • Warranty: 1 year

Reasons to buy:

  • Stylish and appealing design
  • The black-colored mid-line, keeps clean look for longer

Reason to avoid:

  • Very heavy and extra

Price: $259.99

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This is it. This is the chair for the camper who simply won’t compromise on comfort.

The OZtrail RV Statesman Sun Lounge Chair is a comfortable and stylish camping chair that’s perfect for relaxing in the great outdoors. With a premium recliner design, the chair features a durable 600D polyester fabric seat and backrest, and a powder-coated steel frame for added stability. 

It also has an attached side table with a drink holder, havy-duty moulded plastic armrests and has a height-adjustable padded headrest. It also folds flat for easy storage and transport.

If only it weren’t for the weight, which at 13.5kg is much heavier than all the other models on the list. This makes it harder to carry, requiring more planning if you want to take one with you. But you do, don’t you? 

How to Choose the Best Camping Chair for You

There are plenty of recliner camping chairs to choose from in the market, from traditional folding chairs to recliners and everything in between. The chair you choose for your own camping adventures will depend on your personal preferences and how you plan to use it.

If you need a relaxing camping chair, a recliner or sun lounger would be a good option. The Zempire Roco Lounger V2 Chair and the OZtrail RV Statesman Sun Lounge Chair are perfect choices.

Weight and Portability

One of the most important factors to consider is the weight and portability of the camping chair. After all, you’re using camping chairs to add comfort to your trips in the outback. If you plan on doing a lot of hiking or backpacking, then choosing from lightweight and portable camping chairs is a must.

The Helinox Chair One is one of the best options in the market in terms of weight and portability.

On the other hand, if you’re not planning on doing a lot of hiking or backpacking, then weight and portability are probably not as important as comfort, for example. In that case, you can opt for heavier and sturdier camping chairs, like the Zempire Camping Chair.

Also, pay close attention to the availability of carrying cases when purchasing camping chairs. A carrying case makes it much easier to protect and transport your chair, and some even come with a shoulder strap for added convenience.

The Quality of the Fabric

The fabric of a camping chair is also a key feature to consider. It needs to be comfortable to sit in after a long day’s hike, so choose a chair with durable and breathable fabric, especially if you’ll be bringing it along on hot-weather hikes.

Mesh is a popular option for camping chairs because it’s very light and breathable. Most camping chairs on our list have a mesh backrest, seat, or both. However, mesh is not as durable as other materials and can tear easily.

Another popular option for camping chairs is polyester. The Zempire Camping Chair is made of 600D polyester, which makes it both comfortable and durable.

Polyester is a strong and durable material often used for camping chairs that adds comfort and breathability.

Accessories and Extra Storage

Some camping chairs come with handy extras like cup holders, footrests, and side pockets. You will always need storage space in the wilderness, so camping chairs that have a storage pocket will make your life much easier.

The most popular camping chair accessories are cup holders and footrests. Cup holders are great for keeping your drinks close by, and footrests allow you to put your feet up and relax.

How much should I pay?

Camping chairs sell for a wide range of prices. Depending on the functionality and materials, prices can climb as high as $500 or more.

Don’t lose heart though, there are heaps of cheap and comfortable camping chairs and it’s not too hard to locate one that offers great value for money.

As usual at We Are Explorers, we recommend avoiding the cheapest options that won’t last and are created using environmentally harmful processes.


There are many features to consider when looking for the right camping chair. Does it recline? Do you need (or want) a headrest, foot rest and arm rests? What about storage or cup holders?

In order to be able to understand what you need in a chair, think carefully about the types of adventures you plan to take. A lot of chairs also include features you probably don’t need, so think about that too!


Camping in Australia often requires a chair designed for a wide range of conditions and users (people will sit in your chair, it’s guaranteed). Try to find a chair that will suit a few kinds of trips so your options aren’t limited by the gear you’ve chosen. For example, don’t buy a chair with heaps of insulation if you plan on also camping in summer.

Final Thoughts

Great outdoor camping chairs are essential camping gear for any trip. The best camping chairs provide a comfortable place to sit and relax and can be used for a variety of activities like reading, chatting with friends or simply enjoying nature’s beauty.

Travelling with the best camping chair for your needs means you’ll always have a comfortable place to take a break. When picking that camping chair, it’s essential to consider the chair type, the material it’s made from, the weight limit and the height. You should also consider how you’ll use the chair and what features you’d find most useful.

Once you’ve settled on the chair or chairs for you, you might want to also consider buying a camping table. As with a camping chair, a camping table should be functional and easy to carry. You can also buy a full camping furniture set with all the parts you need for a great camping trip. But that’s another article. For now, happy camping!


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How Can I Make My Camping Chair More Comfortable?

Look for a padded seat and backrest. Pay attention to the footrest.

You can do a number of things to make your camping chair more comfortable. A padded seat and backrest are the key factors for comfortable camping chairs, as they help to reduce possible discomfort.

Additionally, a footrest can also be helpful, as it allows you to put your feet up and relax. When hiking in hot weather, choosing a breathable material such as mesh or canvas is crucial.

Luckily for you, most of the lightweight camping chairs available on the market today are made of these materials. You can buy a model that allows you to remove some parts and replace them. You can also choose camping chairs with side tables.

How Much Does a Folding Camping Chair Weigh?

Look for camping chairs that weigh between 2kg and 5.4kg.

The chair’s weight depends on the material, size, and features. Relatively heavy-duty camping chairs are usually made of steel or aluminium. They may be hard to carry, but are also more durable.

The more lightweight camping chairs are made of mesh or polyester. These are easier to carry but may not be as durable as metal ones.

Of course, there are quality camping chairs that are heavier or lighter than the mentioned weight range, but then you normally start paying more. If you have a specific weight requirement, check the product details before purchasing.

What Is the Best Recliner Camping Chair?

Zempire Roco Lounger V2 Chair may be your best camping chair.

This recliner chair has several adjustable positions and can be reclined to different angles.

Recliner camping chairs are great for campers who like to truly relax and enjoy their trip. Recliner chairs are a popular type of camping chair, and there’s a wide range of models available on the market.

If you’re not looking to buy a high-end model and are good to go with basic comforts, we recommend the Zempire Roco Lounger V2 from the list above.

How Tall Are Camping Chairs?

Standard chair heights fall between 38cm and 45cm.

This height is comfortable for most people and makes it easy to get in and out of the chair. While you might like the look of low-to-the-ground chairs more, for most people the best camping chairs come at a standard height.

We’ve shared these recommendations because we genuinely rate them and want you to enjoy them too. Our writers use a mix of personal experience and research to compile these lists, and they’re also encouraged to be honest when things aren’t up to scratch. For more information on our approach, check out our Editorial Standards.