Want to shop for the outdoor lover in your life but don’t want to break the bank (or sell a kidney)? We’ve got you covered with this list of epic adventure gifts under $50.


Sometimes the best bits of gear are actually the cheapest. Here’s a bunch of outdoorsy gear that punches well above its weight. Whether you’re searching for a stocking stuffer or a gift for Secret Santa for an outdoor enthusiast, check out our list of awesome gifts under $50 for runners, hikers, campers, and adventurous kiddos!

1. The OG Running Sunglasses by Goodr



Got a mate whose sunnies are forever slipping down their nose? Grab them a pair of the The OG Running Sunglasses by Goodr. They feature a grippy coating so they don’t slip – even when hot and sweaty.

The lenses are polarised, rated to UV400, and are scratch-resistant so they’ll keep up with all of your mate’s shenanigans.

Price: $49


2. Born To Run by Christopher McDougall



What may look like the perfect gift for runners (not that it isn’t) is also a great gift for those who aren’t. A book that started with a pretty simple question ‘Why does my foot hurt?’, led author, Christopher McDougall, to travel to Mexico to relearn everything he knew about running.

There, he met the Tarahumara people – a first-nations community in Mexico’s Copper Canyons – who can run for hundreds of kilometres without rest. This book will inspire runners and non-runners to break out of their comfort zones and push their limits (also might encourage some 2024 resolutions, right?).

Price: $24.95


3. Salty Dog Beanie by The North Face



Looking for a gift for someone who is heading to the snow for the holidays? Grab them The North Face Salty Dog Beanie. It features a cool, low-profile fit so it will suit practically anyone. With a range of colours to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that they’ll like.

Price: $50


4. Blackroll Mini Foam Roller



The ultimate portable recovery tool is the Blackroll Mini Foam Roller. For your mate who is always trying to bounce back from some new injury or strain, this is a great gift. Its mini size is perfect for massaging away tension or strain, particularly on arms and feet.

It’s also great for friends or family members who work in an office, or at a desk, and need a little TLC after a long day on the keyboard.

Price: $19.90


5. 590ml Reusable Ceramic Bottle by Frank Green



Heading into what looks to be a hot summer (thanks El Nino), an insulated water bottle is a great gift option. The Frank Green Reusable Ceramic Bottle is triple-walled and vacuum insulated, which will keep your drink cold, or hot, for hours.

I know from experience that it actually does. It’s ceramic lined so there’s no nasty plastic taste and it also features a sip straw so you won’t have any spills while trying to sip in the car.

Price: $49.95


6. Large Del Dia Cubo Packing Cube by Cotopaxi

A packing cube is a useful gift for hikers, campers, travellers, and just-chuck-everything-in-a-bag-ers. The Cotopaxi Cubo Packing Cube will keep clothes organised and toiletries together or can be used as a dirty clothes bag.

It’s part of Cotopaxi’s Del Dia collection which is made from leftover fabric that would otherwise go to waste. Because the fabrics are repurposed, each bag is unique in colour which means your gift is truly one of a kind.

Price: $39.95


7. Stainless Steel Camping Cookset by Traverse



Hunting for a gift under $50 but want it to look like you spent waaaaaay more? The Traverse 3-Piece Stainless Steel Camping Cookset is great for car campers and backcountry hikers alike. The pots are made of lightweight stainless steel and pack into each other for space-saving satisfaction.

Price: $49.95


8. 450ml Insulated Coffee Mug by Dometic



The Dometic THM 45 Insulated Coffee Mug is great for someone who likes coffee – that’s basically everyone! It’s double-walled and insulated so it keeps drinks hot or cold for hours.

The leak proof lid will prevent spills while trying to juggle getting into the car for a sunrise hike or the morning commute.

Price: $39.99


9. Classic Kids Clogs by Crocs



For anyone in search of a gift for a little one this Christmas, Crocs Clogs are not just a hit amongst adults. The no-shoelaces, easy-on, easy-off shoes are the choice for everything from casual use, to take to the creek for a paddle, or for milling around camp.

The enclosed front means no stubbed toes, so no tears, and no upset kiddies! While they’re wearing them at least! For extra flare (and brownie points), grab some Crocs Shoe Charms to customise the look.

Price: $49.99


10. Snapfold Bowlz Set by Fozzils



The Fozzils Snapfold range is a super handy gift. The flatpack design doesn’t only transform into a bowl, but can also be used as a plate. At only 40g they are ultralightweight and a great alternative to disposable options.

Hiking buddies will love these but they’re also great for camping with kids – unfold, wipe, and the dishes are done!

Price: $25



Header photo by @winnieawhyte

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