Taking It Easy At Rainbow Beach (QLD)


  • Beach life (calm and clear water)
  • Surfing
  • Four wheel driving
  • Beach site camping
  • Incredible views from Carlo Sandblow
  • Towering sand cliffs of Rainbow Beach
  • Sand dune surfing

Warmer days are around the corner, and what better way to spend them than at the beach?! Located not far from Fraser Island (worlds largest sand island) in the famous Great Sandy National Park, a mate and I packed up our gear for the long weekend and headed to Inskip Point – S.S Dorrigo campsite (2WD accessible) and about 10 minutes from the centre of Rainbow Beach.

Although this campsite is super convenient and close to food; it was very packed with visitors probably due to the long weekend. So we parked up for the night, got the drinks out and relaxed by laying on the beach watching the sunset. Sun down, camera’s out is how it goes hey? We were lucky enough to have a cloudless and moonless night to capture some astrophotography from the beach. Honestly, I’ve never seen the milky way so bright! Surreal.

With the days averaging around 27-28 degrees at the moment, it was perfect beach weather! Sand hot, but not too hot… The next day we took the time to walk up and down the ‘Rainbow Beach highway’ (the beach), considerably busy even by 8am, it didn’t stop us exploring the beautiful sand dunes, coffee rocks and especially the clear and incredibly calm water. For once I was happy I traded the mountains for the coast… You don’t hear me saying that often!

Next we took the hike up to Carlo Sandblow. Carlo is a huge beautiful sand patch looking out towards the pacific ocean, with amazing views of the coastlines and its huge cliffs. It felt like we were on another planet; even giving me flashbacks to Cinque Terre, Italy. Here we could watch the 4WD’s cruise down the highway from 100m above sea level, and see paragliders take flight (which looked insanely fun). What a spot to lay down and take it all in… We droned, took photos and just relaxed… Thats what long weekends are for right? If you’re looking for a coastline adventure over spring or summer, get up to Rainbow Beach.

Essential gear required

  • Tent
  • Cooking Gear and Food
  • Sleeping Gear
  • Thongs, Boardies
  • Surfboard
  • Camera, Lenses and Tripod

How to get there

Great Sandy National Park – Rainbow Beach 
250km or 3 hours north of Brisbane – then 1 hour from Gympie.


  • Relaxing by the beach
  • Sand, water, heat
  • Music
  • Campfire
  • Photography

Skill Level


Distance Covered

Camped about 5m from the car.
Hike to Carlo Sand Blow is about 1.2km return.