Did you know that Sydney has its very own ‘Waterfall Way’ through the Blue Mountains? Emma’s put together some of her favourite waterfall stops between Springwood and Katoomba with the falls getting bigger as you go.


We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Countries on which these adventures take place who have occupied and cared for these lands, waters, and their inhabitants for thousands of years. We pay our respects to them and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

Quick Overview

Sydney’s waterfall way starts in Springwood and ends in Katoomba. The 32km drive encompasses 10+ waterfalls and a whole lot of hiking fun.

About Sydney’s Waterfall Way

If you’re a huge TLC fan then this one’s for you. Chase all the waterfalls you desire just a short distance from Sydney, great for short day trips or a longer weekend adventure.

A lot of these waterfalls require a little bit of hiking to get to the best view  point. Some are less common than others, and you may even have the whole place to yourself!


Victor Falls

If the rain’s been getting you down, at least you know there’ll be an incredible waterfall waiting for you afterwards.

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How to Get to Sydney’s Waterfall Way

The recommended route starts in Springwood, about an hour’s drive or two-hour train west of Sydney, and makes its way into the Blue Mountains. Multiple hikes make up this route and the shorter ones are spaced apart so require travelling in between.


Skill Level


A moderate level of skill and experience is required for most of these hikes. Some are more difficult than others. Most of the trails have a lot of stairs and aren’t easily accessed by everyone.

Distance Covered / Duration / Elevation Gain

32 km / 1-3 days / 1,360m elevation gain

Essential Gear for Sydney’s Waterfall Way

  • Good shoes for slippery trails
  • Rain jacket
  • Water
  • Camera
  • Offline maps just in case

What it’s Like to Visit Sydney’s Waterfall Way

You’ll see at least 24 waterfalls along short hikes, a lot of them relatively unknown to most people travelling to the more popular spots in the Blue Mountains.

While I personally recommend the following, there are so many possibilities and other things to see. Use this guide as your starting point to get out there and explore Sydney’s very own Waterfall Way for yourself!


Water Nymphs Dell

Stop 1: Springwood / Faulconbridge

Perch Ponds via Magdala and Martins Falls

Distance: 4.2km
Elevation gain: 192m
Duration: 1.5 hours

About an hour’s drive west of Sydney is your first stop in Springbrook. I only recommend stopping here if you have the time and want to explore as much of the area as you can. If you’re short on time, head straight to Linden.

The Perch Ponds trail is a great trail for getting in touch with nature with fewer people around. Starting from Batman Park the trail has some steep sections and worn-out track, but takes you to Martins Falls and some views of Magdala Falls.


Martins Falls

If you’re travelling by public transport, take the train to Springwood and then the 693 bus which takes you within four minute’s walk of the start of the trail.


Clarinda Falls

Distance: 2.4km
Elevation gain: 141m
Duration: 1 hour

From Perch Ponds, continue west through Faulconbridge towards Clarinda Falls. While there isn’t parking at the trailhead you can park at the corridor of the Oaks Park which is only a short walk down the road.

Please note! Clarinda Falls trail is closed as of November 2022 due to rockfall from flood damage. Make sure to check the latest info on the NPWS website.

Alternative Route

If you’re looking for a longer option, I recommend the Sassafras Gully, Victory Track, and Magdala Gully Loop (11km/ 365m/3.5 hours). This is a much better alternative if you have the extra time or if travelling on public transport as it starts right from Springwood Station.

Stop 2: Linden

Paradise Waterhole

Distance: 2.6km
Elevation gain: 103m
Duration: 45 mins

The next stop is Paradise Waterhole, a great place for a little picnic and a swim. There’s a small car park at the start of the trail on Railway Parade off Tollgate Drive in Linden.

The trail begins following a wide track winding behind some houses before turning at Dawes Park. From here it’s only a short but steep sandy walk leading down to the waterhole. While the waterfall itself is only small, the area is beautiful with lots of space to relax and go for a swim.


Paradise Waterhole

Transit of Venus Walk

Distance: 4.2km
Elevation gain: 135m
Duration: 1 hour

The Transit of Venus is a beautiful short walk including three small waterfalls, Edith Falls, Mabel Falls, and Hazel Falls.

On the six minute drive from Paradise Waterhole to the start of this trail, you’ll pass World Burger which is a great pit stop if needed.

The trail is well-signed though is a bit overgrown in some areas. This one in particular is worth walking after a bit of rain to get the most out of the waterfalls along the route, however there isn’t much of an opportunity for swimming.


Mabel Falls

Note that there’s only space for 2-3 cars at this trailhead, though it isn’t as crowded as some of the more popular trails.

Alternative Route

Linden to Hazelbrook via Waterfall Tracks (11.3km/ 490m/ 3.5 hours). This route adds on Oakland Falls and Lena Falls, from Linden Station connecting to Hazelbrook Station.

Stop 3: Lawson

Lawson Waterfall Circuit

Distance: 3.1km
Elevation gain: 112m
Duration: 1 hour

This is a great short circuit commonly walked anti-clockwise passing Adelina Falls, Junction Falls, Federal Falls, and Cataract Falls in Lawson.


Junction falls

This trail is well-signed, muddy, beautiful, and shouldn’t be missed. It’s worth turning down all the small side trails to get close to each waterfall and get the best views.


Cataract Falls

With a small amount of parking available at the trailhead you can reach this one from Lawson Train Station in a 15 minute walk if you prefer.

There’s also the option to add on a further 5.6km by turning right onto South Lawson Fire Trail just after Cataract Falls.

This extended track is referred to as ‘Junction Falls, Federal Falls, Terrace Falls & Cataract Falls’, and covers ten incredible waterfalls in one!

Empire Pass Track & North Lawson Trail

Distance: 5.6km
Elevation gain: 212m
Duration: 2 hours

The best place to start this impressive trail is from North Lawson Park at the end of St Bernards Drive. Although it’s signed fairly well, it can be overgrown and a bit confusing in places, particularly at river crossings.

The track quickly descends down the rocky path and stairs to Fairy Falls, Dantes Glen, and St Michaels Falls making you feel as though you’re in a fairy tale walking through the canyon.


Dantes Glen

If you don’t have much time, I recommend just seeing these first three waterfalls as an out and back (approx. 2km). Otherwise, continue on the full loop to Lucys Glen and Frederica Falls.

Alternative Route

Lawson to Hazelbrook trail (11km/ 390m/ 3.5 hours) takes you from station to station and you’ll also see Echo Bluff, Glow Worm Nook Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Lena Falls, Oakland Falls, and Burgess Falls.

Stop 4: Wentworth Falls

Water Nymphs Dell

Distance: 1.8km
Elevation gain: 150m
Duration: 1 hour

This is a short but difficult route over a steep and slippery track. Ensure you have the right gear and shoes to navigate the trail.


Water Nymphs Dells

The out-and-back hike is certainly worth it, as it leads to a beautiful waterfall and even has sightings of glowworms in the right conditions. Be careful and prepared if hiking at night. This trail is only a ten-minute walk from Wentworth Falls Station if you’re travelling via public transport.

Wentworth Falls Overcliff Track

Distance: 4.5km
Elevation gain: 190m
Duration: 1.5 hours

This beautiful circular loop is more popular than most of the other trails included and will have a few more people around. Wentworth Falls Picnic Area marks the start of the trail, approximately a seven-minute drive from Water Nymphs Dell or a 40-minute walk from Wentworth Falls Station.

Well maintained and signed, this trail passes beautiful lookouts and waterfalls including Wentworth Falls, Weeping Rock, Isobel Falls, and Empress Falls.

Please note! Part of the trail is currently closed towards the bottom of the falls from both sides, however you can connect through to other trails instead.

Valley of the Waters Circuit

Distance: 3.4km
Elevation gain: 124m
Duration: 1 hour

The Valley of the Waters Circuit contains some of the most impressive views and waterfalls including Isobel Falls, Floras Bath, and Asmodeus Pool. A fairly steep descent leads down to Isobel Falls and then back up, with a whole lot of steps for you to tackle. This is a beautiful trail with lots to see that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Located a 30-minute walk from Wentworth Falls Station or a 13-minute walk along Shortcut Track from Wentworth Falls Overcliff Track.

 Alternative Route

A longer alternative to the Overcliff Track is Hippocrene and Vera Falls Loop Trail (approx. 9.5km). It includes the waterfalls from the Overcliff Track but also passes Lower Wentworth Falls, Queens Cascade, Hippocrene Falls, Vera Falls, Red Rock Falls, Britannia Falls, Flat Rock Falls, Lodore Falls, Sylvia Falls, and Isobel Falls. So much to see!

Stop 5: Katoomba or Leura

You’ve made it! Keep exploring around Katoomba and Leura, there is so much to see. A personal favourite here is Minnehaha Falls, only a short 2.6km out and back on easy trail. A large swimming hole beneath the falls is a great way to end your day (or days) of exploring.


Minnehaha Falls

Top Tips to Travel Sydney’s Waterfall Way

  • Go after some good rain to see the waterfalls at their most impressive
  • Be prepared with good shoes, the trails will likely be quite slippery and muddy after a bit of rain
  • Ensure you check the NSW National Parks website for any closures

FAQs for Sydney’s Waterfall Way

Where is Sydney’s Waterfall Way located?

Sydney’s Waterfall Way is located just west of Sydney. Start in Springbrook and follow make your way towards the Blue Mountains seeing 24 different waterfalls along the way.

How do you get to Sydney’s Waterfall Way?

To access the start of the waterfall trail, drive an hour west from Sydney to Springwood in the lower Blue Mountains. You can also catch a train directly here from Central Station.

Is Sydney’s Waterfall Way good for beginners?

Sydney’s Waterfall Way is great for beginners. Most hikes are only short, easy trails. Others are a bit harder with a few more stairs and less defined track.

How long is Sydney’s Waterfall Way?

Sydney’s Waterfall Way goes from Springbrook to Katoomba, around 30km by car, but the hikes you’ll walk add up to 32km and 1,360m in elevation gain.

Can you swim at Sydney’s Waterfall Way?

Some waterfalls will be better for swimming than others but there will be plenty of opportunities along the way to go for a dip or stand under the waterfall.

Do you need a 4WD to get to Sydney’s Waterfall Way?

No! Your legs will do the tough work getting you to and from the waterfalls. Some of the trails have a little bit of a dirt track but they are accessible by all cars.