The hidden Gorge at Lake Moogerah has been a favourite spot frequented by generations of locals. It’s only 1.5 hours from Brisbane and the Gold Coast and only a few people know how to access this secret location on foot.

Quick Overview

Take a 6km return walk to the granite cliffs of Lake Moogerah, located in Queensland’s Moogerah Peaks National Park. Driving from Brisbane, it should take around 1.5 hours to reach.



  • Cliff jumping from a range of heights
  • Swimming
  • Peace and seclusion

Accessing The Gorge Rock Jump

The Gorge at Lake Moogerah is the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer afternoon and if you like cliff-jumping then you’ll love this remote spot even more.

There’s no official access or track, and the walk into the gorge area isn’t the most enjoyable one you’ll do in your life, but it’s well worth the effort.


Rock Jumps At A Secret Gorge // Lake Moogerah (QLD), Kate Bennie, water, rocks, trees

Surrounded by Mountains

Lake Moogerah is a stunning lake with Mt Edwards and Mt Greville at either end, and the Main Range looking down on it from the distance. On the walk, you get to enjoy beautiful views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

The Lake Moogerah Gorge itself is lined with dramatic cliffs ranging in height, from beginners up to about 20m. There’s a waterfall that flows after there has been enough rain, but it’s usually dry.

Once you enter the gorge, you enter another world. The sky gets smaller and the dark cliffs absorb some of the light. The deepwater is guaranteed to cool you down after the hot walk, and it’s a great activity to follow a hike up Mt Edwards or Mt Greville.


Rock Jumps At A Secret Gorge // Lake Moogerah (QLD), Kate Bennie, water, rocks, clouds, kids, swimming

Jump On In

People generally jump from the cliffs on the northern side of the gorge, and there are well-worn patches to show you the most popular launching spots.  There are short cliffs perfect for kids and beginners and there are definitely a ton of higher and sketchier options to suit your level of expertise and need for adrenalin.

Cliff jumping can be dangerous – learn how to stay safe.


Rock Jumps At A Secret Gorge // Lake Moogerah (QLD), Kate Bennie, cliff jump, wetsuit, rocks

How To Get There

Traditionally the gorge is accessed by boat and on a weekend, it’s not unusual to see a couple of ski boats or jet skis there.  If you have a canoe or some sort of watercraft, it’s nicer than walking in.

To walk to the gorge, start at Haigh Park and walk across the dam wall.  Where it’s safe, exit the dam wall to the left, and walk around the edge of the wall to get down to the shoreline of the lake.

From here, you can just follow the shoreline until you get to the gorge.  There’s no track so the easiest way is to walk along the water’s edge. The walk takes about half an hour or so and while it’s certainly not difficult, the surface is uneven rocks of various sizes, making it easy to roll an ankle if you’re not careful.

There are no facilities or amenities at the gorge so make sure you bring everything you need, pack out your rubbish and know what to do with your poo!

Essential Gear

  • Swimming gear
  • Suncream and hat
  • Drinking water
  • Covered shoes for the walk

Skill Level

Easy to difficult depending on which jump you choose.

Distance Covered

Approx 6km return on flat (but rocky) terrain.


Feature photo thanks to @harrisoncandlin