A sneak peak at Salomon’s latest trail shoe suggests a shoe that prioritises comfort, cushion and grip.

While some shoes scream performance, able to slice seconds off a time trial, they’re not necessarily the shoes that inspire me to go running.

Salomon’s latest trail shoe, the Ultra-Glide, appears to be one such shoe that could get me over the line – or rather, off the couch – and out for a run.


Salomon Ultra Glide Trail Running Shoe – First Look, Salomon trail running shoe


Sure it still comes with plenty of the bells and whistles you’d come to expect from an elite Salomon shoe (think: Sense Ride 3, S/LAB Ultra).

To name but a few of said bells… or are they whistles?… Anyway, there’s the Quicklace™ lacing system, and SensiFit™ upper construction – a funny name that describes the supposedly customised feeling you get from the upper lacing and the ‘wings’ near the tongue of the shoe that help it tighten – as well as the tried and tested Contagrip® lug pattern for superior grip on the sole of the shoe.

However, it’s the tech within the midsole that should make the difference to your run or perhaps reluctance to run.

The name giving ‘ultra glide’ midsole offers a performance platform that combines a high stack height – the amount of material between your foot and the ground (more stack = more cushioning) – with a reverse camber profile for smooth heel-toe transitions, and so-called ‘Energy Surge foam’.

The latter is a lightweight, super responsive foam created from EVA and Olefin [OBC] that delivers a reliable cushion and a bouncy return upon striking the ground.

We should be getting a pair of these Crystal Teal/Barrier Reef/Goji Berry coloured gliders (not even kidding that’s their colour profile) on our hands – or feet – in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for an in-depth review.

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