Outdoor brand NEMO Equipment has created its first 100% recyclable sleeping bag. Now you can sleep soundly knowing your insulation and everything else in your neon chrysalis isn’t destined for landfill.


NEMO has taken its top-selling, 3-season Spoon™ shape synthetic sleeping bag and redesigned it to make it completely recyclable. 

The new materials used include; a recycled liner; bluesign® approved shell fabric; and Zerofiber™ PCR insulation (made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials) that packs down small while maintaining loft and warmth, even when wet. 

The key is that they’re all materials that can be recycled together. 



The new Forte™ Men’s and Women’s 20F/35F (-6 / 1 degree celsius) series sleeping bags are part of the so-called Forte Endless Promise™ collection. 

Nemo has a goal to cut their emissions in half by 2030 which you can read about in their first annual Sustainability Report recapping the brand’s efforts in 2022. 



Unfortunately you can’t dump the bags in any old recycling bin (just yet). These bags have to be sent to NEMO either for resale or for recycling.

If the bag is in good enough condition, customers will receive a NEMO gift card for the resale value, however, if the bag has reached the end of its adventures, you can get a $20 NEMO gift card as a thanks for recycling.

NEMO has partnered with Unifi to turn the old Fortes into Repreve® polyester yarns — aka the recycled plastic that is popping up in outdoor gear everywhere — so each product can live on.



The updated recyclable Forte bags are available on NEMO’s US site now and will be in stores worldwide in June 2023.