Jeepers this year has absolutely blown by, but on the flip side, when I think about Tim manically writing a 2,000 word recap of Alone Australia every Thursday morning, that feels like a lifetime ago. 


I asked the whole We Are Explorers team, of all the ~content~ we’ve written, recorded, photographed, filmed, designed, and shared this year, what’s been your fave? 

Naturally there was an outpouring of inspiration articles, dank memes, high-octane reels, gripping interviews, and new adventures we didn’t even know existed this time last year.

Presenting our 23 favourite things we shared in 2023. 

1. A 4am Rollerblading Commute to Work

By Tahlia Rose

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A 4am Rollerblading Commute, rollerblading, three friends rollerblading on a pedestrian walkway in brisbane with william jolly bridge in background


2. Why I Renovated and Live in a 43-Year-Old Caravan

By Georgia Doherty

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Why I Renovated and Live in a 43-Year-Old Caravan, Georgia Doherty, Yamba, NSW, Red Centre, NT, Caravan, external caravan, portrait, smiling, clothesline


3. Things 4WDers Never Say

By Cam Doyle


4. Why Are Australian Walking Tracks Being Over-Engineered?

By Tim Macartney-Snape

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On Walking Tracks in Australia, Tim Macartney-Snape, boardwalk, hikers, mountain


5. Why I’m Proud to Hike Like a Girl

By Karina Morgan

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Why I’m Proud To Hike Like a Girl, Karina Morgan, Female hiker, The Castle, Budawangs, view


6. I Spent 5 Days in takanya Trekking With Strangers for Charity

By Cathy Young

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I Spent 5 Days With Strangers Trekking in takayna For Charity, Cathy Young, Mount Donaldson Walk, Tasmania, smiling hiker, Shelterbox


7. Meet the Man Giving New Life to Old Adventure Gear

Cam Doyle x Evan Howard



8. The Healing Power of Nature is Closer to Home Than I Thought 

By Ruby Claire 

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The Healing Power of Nature is Closer to Home Than I Realised, Ruby Bisson, woman, mountain, hut, cloud, reading


9. Wild Camping With Respect – Scotty’s Gone Walkabout

Tim Ashelford x Scotty’s Gone Walkabout




10. A Seven Day Treasure Hunt Hiking South Australia’s Walk the Yorke 

By Taylor Bell

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A Seven Day Treasure Hunt Hiking South Australia’s Walk the Yorke, Taylor Bell, SA, Yorke Peninsula, Clifftop, coastline


11. Alone Australia Recap – Episode 3 – Hunger Games

By Tim Ashelford

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alone australia, episodes 1 and 2, screenshots, sbs, tasmania, australia, peter


12. Why I Started We Are Explorers 

Tim Ashelford x Henry Brydon



13. An Ode to Our Adventurous Friends

By Ruby Claire 

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14. Day 3 of Hiking & You’re Drinking Out of the Same Dirty Mug 

By Claire Dalton


15. Kmart Vs Jetboil – Lightweight Hiking Stove Comparison

By Saphira Bloom-Quinn

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Camp Stoves, Kmart Vs Jetboil, Comparison


16. Did You Know You Can Trail Run in the Red Centre?

By Jayden O’Neill

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17. Thru-Hiking Australia’s Longest Marked Trail

Tim Ashelford x Eilisha Donkin 




18. How to Make Braised Pork Belly & Rice – Camp Recipe

By Lipei Teoh

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How To Make Braised Pork Belly With Rice – Camping Recipe, Lipei Teoh, Dometic, food, dinner, camp table, meal


19. 7 Things I Packed & Used Every Day on the Te Araroa Trail 

By Kate Donald

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7 things I packed and used everyday Thru Hiking the Te Araroa Trail, Kate Donald, motapapa track, new zealand


20. I Swore I’d Never Stay at a Holiday Park, Until Now

by Eva Davis-Boermans 

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8 Lesser-Known Destinations in NSW and Why You Need To Visit Them, Eva Davis-Boermans, Lake, reflections, woman leaning on balcony, Burrinjuck, NSW,


21. Exposing the Great Ocean Road’s Seismic Secret

Cam Doyle x Lisa Deppler from OCEAN




22. We Asked AI to Create Pics of Hiking Gear From Text 

By Matt Wiseman

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Ai Hiking Gear_Dall-E_WAE_Cover Image


23. Meet the Aussie Surfers Who Travelled to Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula in Search of Unridden Waves

By Tim Ashelford

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Feature photo by @jaydenoneiill