The smartphone version of Nokia’s famously indestructible Nokia 3310 has arrived. Cue the memes.


During the golden age of mobile indestructibility (September 2000 – 2005), one brand reigned supreme. 

Before there were apples and blackberries, mobile phones were named after construction materials, not soft fruits. That is to say, the OG Nokia was a brick. 

If you dropped your Nokia back in the day, the first thing you checked was the floor.



The new Nokia XR21 might not be the brick of old (it actually looks really nice and sleek), but it could be the most hard-wearing Smartphone on the market today. 

According to the good people from Nokia, ‘It withstands everything from tumbling out of your trouser pocket and hitting the ground screen first to hiking in torrential rain for 72 hours.

‘We’re so confident, you can take the Nokia XR21 anywhere in Australia where you can capture those special moments, and should the worst happen, we offer a one-year screen replacement guarantee.’

What can the new Nokia XR21 do?

  • Survive being dropped from 1.8m high 
  • Last in 1.5m of water for up to an hour 
  • Withstand a 100-bar pressure jet of water at 80°C (not sure why but ok)
  • Operate in temperatures between -20°C and +55°C (one degree shy of the hottest air temperature recorded on Earth, in California’s Death Valley.)
  • Capture imagery at night thanks to a double flash camera and advanced low light imaging capabilities 
  • Be used with wet hands and gloves  
  • Keep you going with 2-day battery and fast charging

What can’t the new Nokia XR21 do?

  • It is unclear whether the Nokia XR21 comes with Snake already pre-downloaded (IYKYK). 



The Nokia XR21 will be available in Midnight Black and Pine Green from Australian stores in mid-May, from $799.