A drive up the east coast of Tasmania, to Maria Island, really has its benefits. Fresh sea air and a change of scenery – everything Jonathan and his mates needed after a solid week of sitting behind desks.


  • Endless adventures
  • Various hikes
  • Impressive camping
  • Snorkeling

All Aboard!

After reaching Triabunna, we boarded the ferry and set off on our adventure to Maria Island. Once we arrived, we set off on the 2-hour return walk along the coast to Fossil Cove.

The scenery was beautiful, but we didn’t expect any less from Tasmania. We saw our fair share of kangaroos, wombats, and all the expected wildlife.

After returning from the walk, we had lunch at the campgrounds where we were greeted by other friendly travelers, probably out to experience the same adventure as we were!

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Jonathan Rose Maria Island Tassie tasmania coast ocean kangaroo wild animal

A Snorkeling Paradise

After lunch, we decided it was time to take a dive in the beautiful waters. The locals pointed out the best waters for snorkelling, and we jumped in without hesitation! Having seen a great many beaches in Tasmania, I can confidently say that these waters were some of the best I’ve swum in for sure!

The rest of our afternoon was occupied with a walk through one of the local forests, a ride through the BMX track in another of the forests, and a walk down to famous Painted Cliffs.

Of course, how could we miss these cliffs that Maria Island is so well known for. Despite all the wondrous activities and adventures we had on the Island, the Painted Cliffs were my favourite to experience by far.

Unfortunately, our day was soon over, and we were left sitting on the beach at sunset waiting for the ferry to come to do its last run. Maria Island did us proud, satisfying our desire for adventure and exploration.


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Jonathan Rose Maria Island Tassie tasmania coast blue water

Camping on Maria Island

We chose to do a day trip to the island, but there’s definitely plenty more to explore over a weekend. The two main campgrounds called Darlington and Encampment Cove.


Jonathan Rose Maria Island Tassie tasmania coast ocean

Essential Gear

  • Backpack with plenty of water & food for the day
  • Swimmers
  • Warm change of clothes (Weather can change drastically on the island)
  • Sturdy shoes (Lots of walking around the island)

How To Get There

1 hour 15-minute drive north-east from Hobart to Triabunna, catch the ferry 30 minute trip to Maria Island.


  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Wildlife watching

Skill Level

Beginner to intermediate, with the most advanced being a 12km return hike up a 700m mountain.

Distance Covered/ Elevation Gain

Bishop & Clerk Hike: 12km return / 620m approximately

Painted Cliffs: Approximately 3km walk / 50m at the highest point of the walk