Roughly a 3.5hr drive from Melbourne and you find yourself in the Grampians National Park, where you’ll find the perfect picnic location and lookout – Mackenzie Falls.

Quick Overview:

Mackenzie falls trail is a 2 km, grade 3 hike located in the Grampians National Park in Victoria. Drivign from Melbourne, it takes 3.5 hours to get there.



  • Great for photography
  • Waterfalls galore
  • Ample space to spread out, take in the surrounds

Finding Mackenzie Falls

As you enter Halls Gap you’ll be welcomed by stunning sandstone, rugged mountain ranges.  The drive up to Mackenzie Falls was dotted with beautiful areas to stop, stretch your legs and take in the incredible views.

Keep a lookout for a gem of a viewing area. Just after turning onto Mt Victory Road, there is a place to stop on the left. Park your car there, walk back 100m, and you’ll find a narrow opening, walk through here, to find an amazing view of the sandstone cliffs. Just don’t step too closely to the edge!

As you enter the Mackenzie Falls area, there’s a platform 200m from the carpark overlooking Broken Falls. Nice viewing area to take in the Mackenzie River and surrounds.


Mackenzie Falls // Grampians National Park (VIC) Romy Nayagam Mackenzie Falls Fish Falls waterfall


600m from the carpark is the famous Mackenzie Falls. The perfect place to have lunch. To the north end of the region, and a 2.8km round trip, is Fish Falls. Dotted along this walk are plenty of little streams and falls, very picturesque.

Once you reach Fish Falls, be sure to walk down to the lower levels to really get a feel of the landscape. We found only a small proportion of visitors walked to the end, it’s definitely worth it.

Essential Gear

  • Runners or hiking shoes
  • Wide angle lens <24mm would be ideal, to capture the incredible detail in the rocks as well as the sweeping waterfalls
  • Pack lunch
  • Water

How To Get There

Northern Grampians Road, Zumsteins, VIC


  • Photography
  • Hiking

Skill Level



Distance Covered