The Little Wobby to Wondabyne Station route is an incredible way of discovering the Hawkesbury River region. Hop across sandstone ridges, swim at hidden falls, take in jaw-dropping views and walk among the gum trees as you discover a natural world at the edge of Sydney and the Central Coast.


We acknowledge that this adventure is located on the traditional Country of the Darkinjung people who have occupied and cared for the lands, waters, and their inhabitants for thousands of years. We pay our respects to them as the Traditional Custodians and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

Quick Overview

The Mt Wondabyne route from Brooklyn is an intermediate 22km hike which combines a ferry ride, hiking, and a short train ride to explore Brisbane Water National Park on the Central Coast, NSW.

The loop takes 1-2 days to appreciate stunning ridge walking, Mt Wondabyne peak views and swimming at Kariong Brook Falls. Perfect for a weekend getaway from Sydney!

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History of Brisbane Water National Park

Brisbane Water National Park is situated on Darkinjung and Gurgingai land, and its Aboriginal history is preserved throughout the park in rock art and shell midden sites.

It was established as a national park in 1959 to provide a sanctuary for flora and fauna, with management of invasive species undertaken to protect native ecosystems.


Sydney adventure within reach - Mt Wondabyne loop via Little Wobby, Brandon Decosterd

Some of the gorgeous views from the trail

How To Get to the Trailhead of Little Wobby to Wondabyne Station

The Little Wobby to Wondabyne Station route departs from Brooklyn and is accessible by car (plenty of free street parking at Brooklyn) or via NSW trains to Hawkesbury River Station (trains run regularly). From Brooklyn Ferry Wharf take the ferry to Little Wobby Wharf to reach the start of the trail (services vary).


Sydney adventure within reach - Mt Wondabyne loop via Little Wobby, Brandon Decosterd

Little Wobbly wharf

About The Little Wobby to Wondabyne Station Route

The Little Wobby to Wondabyne Station route combines the Pacific trail, Midway Ridge trail, Rocky Ponds track, and the Great North Walk track to loop back to Brooklyn via Wondabyne Station.

There’s a mix of water’s edge walking, rock hopping ridge tracks, single bush tracks and fire trails all well-defined. There are multiple campsites along the track either at Tank Creek (there’s often water flowing in the creek – make sure to filter or treat it before drinking) or at the base of Mt Wondabyne (pit toilet recently built but no water).


Sydney adventure within reach - Mt Wondabyne loop via Little Wobby, Brandon Decosterd

Ridge hopping

Little Wobby to Wondabyne Station Map


Skill Level


Tracks are well defined but basic navigation skills or equipment is useful at bushy intersections. Some sections are steep and rocky but short-lived!


22km / 1-2 days (depending on if you want to make it an overnight adventure!)

Essential Gear

  • A comfy pair of hiking or trail shoes
  • A tent and sleeping gear for overnight trips
  • Enough water for 2 days or water filtration/treatment device (water at Tank Creek and Kariong Brook Falls)
  • Enough food for 2 days + your favourite treats
  • A warm drink to accompany the sunset atop Mt Wondabyne
  • Headlamp for the walk back down Mt Wondabyne
  • First aid kit
  • Mosquito repellent (especially at Tank Creek)
  • Opal or bankcard for the public transport sections
  • Sunscreen

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What It’s Like to Hike From Little Wobby to Wondabyne Station

Planning the route

With the end of year craziness completely upon us, we decided that an escape from approaching deadlines and Christmas jingles was well overdue. On my commute to work on the Central Coast I’d spotted two interesting landmarks that could combine into a nice little adventure.

The remote Wondabyne Station fascinated me on my train journeys (it has no car access) and Mt Wondabyne always catches my eye from the highway (it might not be numerically tall but its prominence is hard to miss).


Sydney adventure within reach - Mt Wondabyne loop via Little Wobby, Brandon Decosterd

The sunset view from Mt Wondabyne


I’d always appreciated the planning of an adventure and this time was no different. All that I had to do was figure out a way to connect the two sections.

We found the ferry operating from Brooklyn that would lead us to Little Wobby where we started looking for a hike. Little Wobby to Wondabyne seemed an achievable feat and a bit of searching for trails revealed so. We checked the train timetables, jotted down the ferry times, charged up the camera and we were set to go.


Day 1 – Little Wobby to Mt Wondabyne

Distance: 11km
Time: 4-6hrs

We arrived at Brooklyn around 9am, enough time to double check gear, grab a coffee and set off from the wharf at 10am. You could really feel the weekend air at Brooklyn as people strolled about the water’s edge and enjoyed brekkie at the local cafes. The heat was already settling in as we waited for the ferry so we braced for a hot day ahead.

Setting out from Brooklyn Wharf on a quaint little ferry made us feel like we were nowhere near the hustle of any major city. We could sense a different type of lifestyle as we passed by Dangar Island, as if we were embarking on a distant adventure, both in place and time.

From Little Wobby Wharf, a single path traced the water’s edge. At times we felt like we were in people’s yards as we weaved in front and quite literally under their homes, but the locals, perched on their waterfront decks, returned a smile as we waved to them, blanketing the whole place in a sense of community.

At the end of what you would call ‘town’, the path continued to trace the water before turning left steeply and suddenly. At this point, it was half walk half scramble but the challenge was exciting. The hard work was rewarded with incredible views of the Brooklyn/Hawkesbury region, and vistas of land so untouched we questioned where we were.

The trail turned once again into a bushy track lined with eucalyptus and Coastal banksias, crossing creeks, past waterfalls and open camping area (Tank Creek).


Sydney adventure within reach - Mt Wondabyne loop via Little Wobby, Brandon Decosterd

A slightly sketchy creek crossing


It then joined to a fire trail where we embraced the openness of the track and found rhythm, reaching Mt Wondabyne campground swiftly, but sweaty.

We set up camp at the base and headed up to the top of Mt Wondabyne to watch the sun’s final act, feeling on top of the world as the last light slowly disappeared behind the horizon.


Sydney adventure within reach - Mt Wondabyne loop via Little Wobby, Brandon Decosterd

Sunset on top of Mt Wondabyne



Day 2 – Mt Wondabyne to Little Wobby

Distance: 11km
Time: 4-6hrs

It felt refreshing to wake up to the sounds of nature, we could sense another glorious day from the tent and a little poke out of the tent confirmed so. The sun was shining, we were already keen to get to the falls for a swim. We packed up camp and set off from Mt Wondabyne campground following a single track through the bush, occasionally crossing large rock platforms which we had spotted from the top of Mt Wondabyne.

Each felt like platforms from which we could trace our journey, where we could see where we’d come from, and where we were headed. There was a constant contrast of openness and intimacy.

The track rejoined a fire trail for a short section before darting back into the bush past the visitors book where we shared a good laugh at the entries left by walkers before us. Make sure to leave a note, it will be appreciated by those who follow!

From here, the descent to Kariong Brooks Falls began, stepping down large boulders and log stairs. There was a change in landscape, much more wet and lush, that made us feel like we were once again entering a completely different place.

The descent led us directly to Kariong Brook Falls, passing by natural sandstone caves just above the base of the falls which provide a beautiful outlook. Once at the bottom, we enjoyed cooling off in the natural pool, and eating our lunch sitting on the rocks dipping our feet. Pure bliss, we felt miles away from anyone.


Sydney adventure within reach - Mt Wondabyne loop via Little Wobby, Brandon Decosterd

Having a blast at Kariong Brook Falls


The swimming hole is at the base of the falls, so as you can imagine, what awaited us was the walk up and out. Imagine a V shape, we were on the up.

We zipped up our packs and began the inevitable, which turned out to be quite a pleasant hike out, especially when we reached the large rock opening at the top.

From there, a single-track led us back to a fire trail which we followed happily, embracing the openness, down to Wondabyne Station. We’d timed the walk quite well and only had to wait 20 minutes for the train, enough time to dip our feet from the wharf and enjoy our last gulps of water.

The train ride back was short, about 7 minutes, which we found incredible considering that we felt a million miles from anywhere for the whole weekend. We arrived back at Brooklyn, shared some hugs, and headed to the closest fish and chip shop for a well-earned feed!

All in all, it was an incredible weekend adventure full of fun, excitement, and disbelief. It felt incredible to discover a place so close to home that felt untouched, a true hidden gem. All we can say is get exploring your own backyard!

Sydney adventure within reach - Mt Wondabyne loop via Little Wobby, Brandon Decosterd

Rock scrambling

Tips for Hiking Little Wobby to Wondabyne Station

Don’t forget your Opal/Bank card!

This route intentionally uses public transport to reach areas not accessible by car to make the experience even more spectacular. Remember to pack your opal or bank card to tap on/off and avoid being stranded at Wondabyne station (although we can think of worse places to be stuck)!

Check transport timetables

Like above, make sure to check train and ferry timetables so you can best coordinate your trip. They both run regularly once an hour on weekends with exceptions for the ferry during lunch hours so make sure to double check. We loved the planning and logistics of this adventure!

Give yourself plenty of time

The hike may only be 22km but it is so diverse in experience! Allow plenty of time to enjoy the ferry ride, take in the incredible ridge views, soak up the last light on Mt Wondabyne and, if you’re daring, take a plunge at Kariong Brook Falls (take caution when swimming at waterholes – check for debris and rocks).

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Little Wobby to Wondabyne Station FAQs

Where is the Little Wobby to Wondabyne Station route located?

The Little Wobby to Wondabyne Station route is located 60km North of Sydney, 30km south of Gosford and 115km south of Newcastle.

How to get to the start of Little Wobby to Wondabyne Station route

To get to the beginning of the Little Wobby to Wondabyne Station route you have options. You must first get to Brooklyn. By car, it is around 60km north of Sydney and should take just under an hour to reach. By Train, the trip is around an hour from Central Station. Once you reach Brooklyn, take the ferry to Little Wobby wharf where the trail begins.

How long is the Little Wobby to Wondabyne Station route

The Little Wobby to Wondabyne Station route is 22km long.

Can you swim anywhere on the Little Wobby to Wondabyne Station route

You certainly can! Kariong Brook Falls, located towards the end of the trail is a great place to have a mid-hike dip.